Eruni, Ayuni and Leeuni

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Eruni, Ayuni and Leeuni, the bosses from the Do No Evil quest can also be fought together as a Class A Boss in the Dominion Tower.

Strategy in the Dominion Tower[edit | edit source]

Recommended gear[edit | edit source]

  • Decent melee armour
  • A good melee weapon
  • A good ranged (recommended) or magic weapon
    • Chaotic weaponry, Royal Crossbow, crystal bow work fine

You do not need magic or ranged armour as Ayuni (the only one who needs to be killed from afar) has very little defence against ranged attacks and deals minimal damage with her magic/ranged attacks.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Equip your ranged weapon before you enter. As soon as you as the pre-battle cutscene begins turn on protect/deflect from magic (you will not see it turn on immediately on but as soon as the actual battle begins it will turn on) and run behind either of the two large pillars that are closest to you. This will lure Ayuni (the green masked monkey) over to you and she will get stuck on the pillar. Move yourself off the pillar just enough so that Ayuni starts using her ranged attacks (do not move too far off the pillar and let Ayuni get next to you as Ayuni's melee attacks can be devastating) you should dispose of Ayuni within a couple seconds.

Next equip your melee gear and switch to your melee attack bar. Run at Leeuni (the red masked monkey) like a mad man and bludgeon her to death with melee. This is honestly all you have to do.

Now for the hard(ish) part; Eruni (the monkey in the blue mask). The only thing special you need to know/remember is that you can't damage Eruni if any lesser demons are walking around. After you kill Leeuni, run to the lesser demon walking around and kill it. After it is dead hit Eruni a couple times until she is at about 3/4 of her max health, then she'll summon two lesser demons. Kill them both then attack Eruni again until she is at 1/2 health, she'll then summon three demons. Kill them, and attack Eruni after they're dead. Eruni will then summon four demons when you lower her to 1/4 health. Kill them then finish Eruni off.

Head Name Combat
Combat style Mask
Leeuni chathead.png Leeuni 94 50,000 Melee, Magic, Ranged Red Speech
Ayuni chathead.png Ayuni 98 50,000 Only Melee if within range,
Ranged and Magic if out of range
Green Sight
Eruni chathead.png Eruni 101 40,000 Melee, Magic, Ranged,
Summoning (Lesser demons)
Blue Hearing