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Enhanced elder chronicles are memory fragments gathered by harvesting from elder wisps within Freneskae. They are akin to chronicle fragments in that they may spawn randomly from an elder spring and grant Hunter experience based on the player's level when collected. They may be offered to May Stormbrewer near Draynor Village, or Guthix's resting place. Using the latter location grants 33% more experience but also requires completion of The World Wakes to access. Alternatively, the chronicle may be used on the energy rift to charge it, eventually spawning an enriched elder wisp. If the chronicle is gathered slowly, a normal elder chronicle is granted instead.

When offered or used to charge a rift, they grant an amount of experience in a chosen skill. For every 10 offered, there is a small piece of lore relating to the Elder Gods. Bonus experience does affect the experience received. These lore fragments may be re-read at any time at the same locations where the fragments may be handed in. Obtaining all 10 pieces of elder god lore from the chronicles, which equates to offering 100 chronicles, is a trimmed completionist cape and master quest cape requirement. If you want to complete this achievement as fast as possible, the elder divination outfit is heavily recommended for its 7% chance to double elder chronicles. When an elder chronicle spawns, it will be temporarily instanced so that only the player for whom it spawned may see it. After a short while, other players will be able to catch it. Using the Chronicle Attraction curse or a spirit attraction potion allows you to catch it without interaction.

Prior to completion of the Memorial to Guthix tutorial, a maximum of 30 elder chronicle may be possessed at once. Once players reach the limit, they will need to offer chronicles to either May Stormbrewer, Eilwynn, or Guthix's resting place in exchange for Divination experience before gathering more. This limit is removed after Memorial to Guthix, at which point players are able to possess an unlimited amount of chronicles before turning them in. Harmony of Naragun does not affect elder chronicles.

Experience table[edit | edit source]

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The following table shows the experience gained from 10 chronicle fragments at various levels. The experience gained from May Stormbrewer and Eilwynn is 75% of that gained from Guthix's shrine, and serves as a good alternative for those who haven't completed The World Wakes.

Level Experience Level Experience
Guthix's shrine May Stormbrewer / Eilwynn Guthix's shrine May Stormbrewer / Eilwynn
1 50
2 51
3 52
4 53
5 54
6 55
7 56
8 57
9 58
10 59
11 60
12 61
13 62
14 63
15 64
16 65
17 66
18 67
19 68
20 69
21 70
22 71
23 72
24 73
25 74
26 75
27 76
28 77
29 78
30 79
31 80
32 81
33 82
34 83
35 84
36 85
37 86
38 87
39 88
40 89
41 90
42 91
43 92
44 93
45 94
46 95
47 96
48 97
49 98
99 15,192 11,394

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • update 4 May 2021 (Update):
    • Added to game.
      • Chronicle fragments will now spawn next to you and remain immobile. If you're paying attention and grab the Chronicle Fragment within six seconds, you'll get an Enriched Chronicle worth a little bit more XP - and a lot more progress towards Overloaded Energy Rifts.