Energy rift (20th Anniversary)

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Energy rift (20th Anniversary) was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.

The energy rift can be found in the Lumbridge Crater's Grand Party during the fourth week of 20th Anniversary celebrations, the Celebration of Skilling.

As the Grand Party is heading to its end, Aubury transformed the Anniversary Weeks Portal into this skilling rift that can be channelled for Runecrafting and Summoning experience. The rift can be right-clicked to configure which skill to gain experience in.

Once channelling, the player receives experience continuously in 2.4-second intervals. The experience depends on the player's level in the chosen skill, with the player receiving 10 base experience (for a minimum of 11 experience with the crater's 10% experience boost) at or below level 61, increasing to 47.7 base experience (for a minimum of 52.4 experience with the crater's 10% experience boost) at level 99. Channelling also causes anomalies to appear around the rift one at a time. Up to eight anomalies may be visible at once. Anomalies can be sealed for further experience in the chosen skill, which doesn't interrupt the channelling. At level 99, one anomaly provides 122.8 base experience (for a minimum of 135 experience with the crater's 10% experience boost). Three to six anomalies can spawn every minute.

At level 99, the player can gain 78,750 experience per hour without clicking the anomalies and around 115,200 experience per hour by clicking the anomalies.

It is possible to obtain Shamini the Summoning skilling pet and Rue the Runecrafting skilling pet from this activity.

Ironman and free-to-play players are unable to interact with the rift to gain experience.

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