Energy rift (2017 Christmas event)

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The energy rift was part of the 2017 Christmas event. Located in the northwest corner of the Grand Exchange, it could be channeled to receive either Runecrafting or Summoning experience, depending on how it was configured, which could be changed any time via the right-click option.

Channeling the rift yields experience continuously in 2.4-second intervals. The experience rewarded is scaled by level in the relevant skill. At level 99 in the respective skills, 47.7 Runecrafting or Summoning experience is gained at a time.

At levels 1-61, channeling the rift yields 10 experience per interval, and the anomalies give 50 experience per anomaly. After that, the experience per interval, and eventually experience per anomaly increases with the player's respective Summoning and Runecrafting level.

Partially completing the energy rift section during The G-Nome Project will cause the orb to spawn 8 anomalies around it which can be clicked on for extra experience and takes an estimate of 2 minutes waiting for all 8 to spawn at one time.