Energy Fungus

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Energy Fungus is an interactable cluster of fungi spawned by Croesus during its boss encounter. A total of four of them will appear by its body in each of the four quadrants, and players must return to the centre in order to remove them. The fungi share a health node, and also have a timer bar that deplete in unison. The more players that interact with the fungi in order to remove them, the quicker their health node will deplete. If the timer bar fully fills up, Croesus will immediately gain 40% rot energy, which can oftentimes push Croesus to the 100% required to end the fight in a failure.

The energy fungi will spawn at 2:25 and 5:05 into the encounter.

Sticky fungus will spawn on randomly selected players at the same time the energy fungus will appear, so players will oftentimes need to deal with the sticky fungus first.

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