Energy Aficionado

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Energy Aficionado is an achievement that requires the player to have siphoned all of the different types of energy nodes in Runespan.

Image Node
Cyclone.png Cyclone
Mind storm.png Mind storm
Water pool.png Water pool
Rock fragment (Runespan).png Rock fragment
Fireball.png Fireball
Vine (Runespan).png Vine
Fleshy growth.png Fleshy growth
Fire storm.png Fire storm
Chaotic cloud.png Chaotic cloud P2P icon.png


Nebula P2P icon.png
Shifter (Runespan).png Shifter P2P icon.png
Jumper.png Jumper P2P icon.png
Skulls.png Skulls P2P icon.png
Blood pool.png Blood pool P2P icon.png
Bloody skulls.png Bloody skulls P2P icon.png
Living soul.png Living soul P2P icon.png
Undead soul.png Undead soul P2P icon.png

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