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Energising is an Invention perk that diminishes the ability damage of Slice, Piercing Shot, and Wrack (and Wrack and Ruin) in return for increased adrenaline production. It can be created in weapon and armour gizmos.

When installed in a gizmo, energising reduces the damage of Slice and Piercing Shot to 80% of their original ability damage — e.g., Slice now deals 24–96% ability damage, instead of its original 30–120%.

Despite the in-game description, Wrack's (and Wrack and Ruin's) ability damage is not affected.

The Fury of the Small relic power works with the abilities affected by the Energising perk.

Furthermore, these abilities are unaffected by Impatient perk. It does not matter if Energising is or is not on the player's gear.

Slice.png Piercing Shot.png Wrack.png Wrack and Ruin.png
Adrenaline gained
Rank Increase Total adrenaline gained
Without Fury of the Small With Fury of the Small
N/A 0.0 8.0 9.0
1 0.6 8.6 9.6
2 1.2 9.2 10.2
3 1.8 9.8 10.8
4 2.4 10.4 11.4

Sources[edit | edit source]

MaterialRarityPerk ranks with X materials
Standard gizmoAncient gizmo
Magic parts.png
Magic partsCommon011–21–21–20111–21–21–21–21–31–3
Imbued components.png
Imbued componentsUncommon11–21–21–31–3011–21–21–31–41–41–41–4
Refined components.png
Refined componentsUncommon011–21–21–20111–21–2222–32–4
Enhancing components.png
Enhancing componentsUncommon11–21–21–31–3011–21–21–31–41–41–41–4
Smooth parts.png
Smooth partsCommon011–21–21–20111–21–21–21–21–31–3
Stave parts.png
Stave partsCommon011–21–21–20111–21–21–21–21–31–3

Suggested gizmos[edit | edit source]

Gizmo layout Possible perks
Enhancing components.pngEnhancing components.pngEnhancing components.png
Enhancing components.pngImbued components.pngEnhancing components.png
Enhancing components.pngEnhancing components.pngEnhancing components.png
19.97% chance for Energising 4 and Invigorating 2 at level 120, 26.27% with Extreme invention.png: RS3 Inventory image of Extreme invention
  • Other possible perks:
Imbued components.png
Imbued components.pngImbued components.pngImbued components.png
Imbued components.png
  • Other possible perks:

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