Enchanted stones

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Enchanted stones are used in the Myths of the White Lands quest, and are basically the 'riches' that Explorer Jack seeks. Players will obtain normal stones in the last room where the Yeti resides.

Once the stones are brought back out of the caves, it is enchanted by three snow imps. However, these snow imps explain that the 'riches' are in fact a prank played on Explorer Jack - there are no riches, and the stones are actually yeti dung.

To obtain more, players would have to go through the yeti caves again. To access the Land of Snow during the 2008 Christmas event, players may talk to the head snow imp or a wizard in the Wizards' Tower.

If you use the stones on the Wise Old Man, he will say, "What? I'm not touching that. Get it out of here immediately."

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