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Two Enchanted Trees can be found at the northeast and northwest corners of Varrock Dig Site during the Breaking the Storm event. They can be chopped for Woodcutting experience, or tended to for Farming experience. Both actions continue indefinitely until interrupted by the player (or if 5 minutes pass without any input, which automatically logs them out). Since the two trees do not change phases at the same time, it is possible to run between both of them after the Verdant form ends for increased XP per hour.

When they are in the wilting form, tending to them gives greatly increased Farming experience. When they are in the verdant form, chopping them gives greatly increased Woodcutting experience.

Experience is gained continuously at 3.6-second intervals. At 99 Woodcutting 40.4 base experience is gained at a time, and at 99 Farming 34 base experience is gained at a time. When the tree is verdant or wilting these values increase to 269.1 and 190.4, respectively. There is a 10% boost to these during the event, and while gaining the daily 500 boat materials the base values are doubled.

Sentinel fragment yields from Enchanted Trees are boosted by 20%.

Dwarven chainaxe does not work on Enchanted Trees, and Woodcutting urns do not fill when chopping Enchanted Trees.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Enchanted Tree uses the same model as yew trees.
  • Even though the Dwarven chainaxe does not work on the Enchanted Tree, when activated, still shows the chainaxe animation and sound.