Enakhra's memory (book)

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Enakhra's memory is a book found during the Mahjarrat Memories miniquest. To find it, a fully charged Engrammeter must be operated inside Enakhra's Temple. When Enakhra's memory is brought to Kharshai, he transcribes it into the book.

Book info[edit | edit source]

Transcript[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Enakhra's memory (book).

I travelled with Zamorak as he went to each of the other Mahjarrat who doubted Zaros and told them what they wanted to hear.

To Hazeel he said: Zaros is unfit to rule. When was the last time you met with him, or even saw him in public? The empire is stagnating. The priesthood is corrupt. We must take back control.

To Lamistard he said: We were warriors once, brave survivors, but in this squalid empire we have grown soft and pampered. Our brothers are priests and bureaucrats. It is our birthright to take what we need through force!

To Zemouregal he said: Zaros's way is that of order, of stagnation. We both know that it is only through chaos and discord that real strength can emerge. We must free this world from the shackles of tyranny.

To Lakosta he said: What will become of us when this war ends? Even now the legions push at the borders of this world. When there is no one left to fight, will we all become weak civilians like Azzanadra?

To Ralvash he said: Zaros has taken our culture from us. He has separated us, denied us our traditions, and we are forgetting what it means to be Mahjarrat. We need a leader who knows who we are!

To Lucien he said: It is the destiny of every Mahjarrat to rule! You and many others languish as mere Tribunes. Zaros will never recognise your true potential. Follow me, and I will grant you your own legion and lands to rule!

Zamorak is the greatest leader and warrior this world has ever known! Praise Zamorak!

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