Embalmer's Log

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Embalmer's Log is a book found in the Grand Library of Menaphos. It is obtained from the second bookcase on the eastern wall in the south-eastern corner of the second level.

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Transcript[edit | edit source]

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The cause of death was still unknown. In his waning days, the High Priest kept to himself, locked in the top floor of the temple. Some say madness got to him, others say it was merely the passage of time. A cleric discovered his body early in the morning, hunched over an old text. His eyes were pale as the moon.

It was my duty to prepare his body and spirit for the great beyond - a delicate practice, to be sure. Every organ would need to be preserved and his corpse mummified.

As I prepared my tools, I asked my assistant to fetch our master of ceremonies to perform last rites before the embalming took place. As he left the room, I turned to grab my sacred oil. That is when I felt it. Breath cold as the northern breeze, but with the smell of rotted flesh. I turned around.

His eyes were red and tears boiled down his face. 'Why?', [sic] it asked. I froze, unable to move. 'My world. This pain. Why?' The room began to tremble and shake, jars shattered on the floor and the priest began writhing in agony.

And then all of a sudden he just collapsed, and the trembles halted. Shocked, I grabbed his body and shook as hard as I could, but he would not awaken. I could not believe what I saw, and neither would the Pharaoh when I recounted the story. Was I delirious? I cannot shake the feeling that it is still watching me...that it is watching us.

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