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Elvarg is a female green dragon and is considerably stronger than most others of her kind. Even though lesser and greater demons have a higher combat level, Elvarg is far more difficult to defeat. Elvarg lives on the island of Crandor and is found underground, in a cave that is connected to Karamja through a series of tunnels.

During the quest Dragon Slayer, players must slay her and bring her head to Oziach in order to earn the right to wear the rune platebody, blue dragonhide body and mystic top. Elvarg is one of the few dragons that can be encountered by free players, and differs when compared to other dragons in the fact that she can only be directly engaged during the quest, after which players cannot enter her lair again.

Additionally, for members, Elvarg can be encountered as a class G boss monster in the Dominion Tower minigame after the player has completed Dragon Slayer.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Location Levels Members Spawns Map
Crandor and Karamja Dungeon63F2P icon.png1Maplink

History[edit | edit source]

Elvarg destroying the island of Crandor

During the first century of the Fifth Age, Crandor was an important location in Gielinor's Southern Sea, with a well-established colony and shipping routes all over the world. In year 139 of the Fifth Age, a Crandorian adventurer discovered and ventured into a deep dungeon at the summit of the hill which made up the island. Upon entering, he awoke Elvarg from her slumber and enraged her, causing her to rise from the mountain and annihilate the human community on Crandor, torching the island in the process.

The remains of the adventurer that woke Elvarg.

Survivors from the island took several ships and fled to the friendly shores of Asgarnia, and formed a rag-tag refugee camp near the village of Rimmington. Elvarg, however, not content with the work she had already done, found and destroyed the refugee camp, killing all but three of the refugees, and leaving them to go their separate ways. The three (by name Melzar, Lozar and Thalzar), decided that nobody should ever have to suffer the way they had, and split the last navigational map to the isle (which was surrounded by deadly coral reefs) into three parts, taking a part with them when they went.

Lozar, a female mage and scholar, settled in the quiet town of Lumbridge, but was killed and robbed by goblins during the Battle of East Lumbridge. Her map piece was taken by Wormbrain, who was later imprisoned in Port Sarim Jail. Thalzar took the secret of his map piece to the grave, and protected it deep in the Dwarven Mines, sealed behind a magical door. Melzar, on the other hand, became a recluse, and shut himself away inside a maze he had built over the site of the refugee camp, and there he stayed for years, trying to resurrect his loved ones, and delving deeper and deeper into madness.

Present day[edit | edit source]

Audio options icon.png
Elvarg's menacing theme

In year 169 of the Fifth Age, Elvarg remains in her lair, brooding, and now undisturbed by adventurers. The isle of Crandor remains charred and dead, with few remains of the human settlement that once proudly stood. There are pillars, broken and fallen, noticeable upon the path to Elvarg's Lair from the wreckage of Lady Lumbridge.

Elvarg's reputation for destruction has travelled far, however, and when Oziach, an odd dealer in the rare and sturdy metal of runite, sets up shop in the newly renovated town of Edgeville, selling the valuable rune platebody to seasoned adventurers, he demands a test of strength to everyone who comes seeking one of his items. To the player, he gives you the task of slaying the vicious dragon of Crandor Isle and bringing its head to him.

Elvarg is defeated and beheaded.

To do this, the player must locate each of the three map pieces, and then buy a fast ship of Crandorian design to navigate the deadly shoals that surround the island, not to mention find a suitable captain and cabin boy. As it happens, there is only one Crandorian ship remaining in Gielinor, the old and rickety Lady Lumbridge, currently in the possession of Klarense.

After locating the map, the player will be able to sail to Crandor and, after the boat is attacked by Elvarg and Jenkins the cabin boy is killed, Ned, the captain, will crash the ship into the island, allowing the player to find Elvarg in her lair and kill her.

Fighting strategy[edit | edit source]

Elvarg's cave

Elvarg attacks in two ways: a standard melee attack, and a magic dragonfire attack that must be blocked with an anti-dragon shield obtained from Duke Horacio during the Dragon Slayer quest. Unlike most other dragons, her dragonfire attack hits higher than her melee attack even with an anti-dragon shield. Her dragon fire can hit in the high 800s through an anti-dragon shield, but has been proven to hit over 1200 without the shield, often causing weaker players to be killed. Moreover, her dragonfire has the unique trait of lowering the player's prayer points. Shielded or not, it will drain between 5-8% of the player's maximum Prayer points with an unprotected dragonbreath attack. Players usually attempt to use Protect from Melee while fighting her, but her dragonfire quickly rips apart this tactic. A good strategy is to bring level 50 or better armour and a level 50 or better weapon along with monkfish, or if you're not a member, swordfish or lobsters. Of course, an anti-dragon shield will be required. However having combat stats in the 40's coupled with a full inventory of food should be sufficient to kill her. It is also suggested to use a ring of recoil or ring of life and a charged amulet of glory, for a quick escape teleport to prevent death.

Inventory[edit | edit source]

When fighting Elvarg, players must have an anti-dragon shield and it is recommended to equip the best one-handed weapon (preferably a rune mace for its prayer bonus) the player can wield along with full adamant armour or better.

The rest of the inventory should be filled with food (and maybe some potions, including an antifire potion for members). For non-members, strength potions may be used to hit higher damage on Elvarg. Anchovy pizzas, lobsters or swordfish are recommended, depending on the level of the player and their skill at obtaining the food (the food can be bought from the Grand Exchange). Elvarg can hit constant hits of around 300 with her breath on a shield, so lobsters are recommended since they heal up to 1200 life points. Pizzas or high healing two-click items are recommended for higher level players as the time to eat them is lengthened. For members, the recommended food to bring are monkfish or sharks. In addition, the explorer's ring, teleportation runes and tablets are useful for quick escaping the battle in case something goes wrong. The option for teleporting with an Explorer's Ring can be quickly accessed through the equipped inventory interface.

Attacking[edit | edit source]

With reliable combat stats, Elvarg will usually deal more damage with dragonfire through an anti-dragon shield than with her melee attack. Consequently, at prayer level 37, using protect from magic is recommended over protect from melee. Regardless of which protection prayer is used, her dragonfire will drain prayer points with each hit, so relying on prayer potions is not recommended. There are no safespots that can be used to avoid Elvarg's breath attacks, and similarly, running around while using attacks from a distance will not confer any advantage in the fight. Despite Elvarg's lack of explicit weaknesses, using melee weapons will result in the best accuracy at a given average skill level. One should always use an anti-dragon shield in the off-hand slot. If using abilities, frequent use of reflect is highly suggested.

Using melee against Elvarg is generally the most practical option, as her affinity for other styles is very low. This means that melee are much more accurate against her than ranged or magic weapons of the same tier. Using prayer, adamant weaponry, and armour, you'll only need about 14 lobsters or 12 swordfish. A mace is preferable because of its prayer bonus. Members with higher attack levels should use dragon weapons or better.

Although magic equipment provides the greatest defence against Elvarg's melee attacks, it is not recommended due to the 75% accuracy reduction when compared with melee weapons of the same tier. If you should choose to use magic to defeat Elvarg, level 60 magic is recommended, with the use of blast spells and grifolic equipment.

Similarly, use of ranged equipment is not recommended due to the 50% accuracy reduction when compared with melee weapons of the same tier. If you should choose to use ranged attacks, level 50 ranged is recommended with the use of either a rune crossbow, throwing axes, knives, or javelins, in conjunction with blue dragonhide armour.

Using a friend[edit | edit source]

It is possible to have a friend weaken Elvarg to very low life points then let the player finish off Elvarg as she does not really drop the head. The player's character will cut it off and it will appear in the inventory. As long as that person does not kill Elvarg, one can do this with as many people as they wish, but only players who have not completed Dragon Slayer may help.

If players manage to kill Elvarg, the head can be banked and players can complete the quest without it, as quoted by the text that comes up when Elvarg's head is examined. Players must then go and talk to Oziach, where they will complete the quest without having the head. (The head will be removed from a player's bank upon completion of the quest)

Death[edit | edit source]

A player who has killed Elvarg.

Note that, if a player dies during the battle, they may not have a chance to be able to come back and retrieve their items that are dropped upon death, and may be required to pay Death to reclaim the items directly. Players from outside the lair will not be able to repair your gravestone. Luckily, if you happen to get killed by monsters after defeating Elvarg, or kill her at the same time she kills you, you can simply talk to Oziach and tell him you've slain the dragon.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Not much food is required, but it is recommended that about 7-9 lobsters are brought for higher-levelled players. Lower-levelled players should probably bring a full inventory of lobsters, or even swordfish, if they are free players with adamant armour and rune weaponry.
  • Players must wield an anti-dragon shield or dragonfire shield to avoid her dragonfire. If a player chooses not to wear the shield, her dragonfire can deal 1200 or more damage. In the Dominion Tower players can choose to use super antifire potions, which protects from the dragonfire completely.
  • It is recommended that melee players bring a Strength potion, and members are recommended to bring super set potions.
  • Eating one-click foods like lobsters and tuna is highly recommended. Although food such as chocolate cakes and plain pizzas heal just as much (or higher) and are generally cheaper, they need to be consumed in multiple servings. Players with low life points will find that Elvarg often can hit faster than they can replenish food if they bring such alternatives. Therefore, swordfish is the best choice for free players.
  • It is possible for players to defeat Elvarg with very low combat levels using rings of recoil, although extreme care must be taken to keep anti-fire protection and full life points. A combat level of at least 80 is recommended.

Update history[edit | edit source]

The update history project is a work-in-progress – not all updates to this topic may be covered below. See here for how to help out!
  • ninja 14 September 2015 (Update):
    • The following quest fights have been rebalanced:
      • Elvarg:
        • 10,000 life points (up from 6,000).
        • Max hit of 720 (up from 200).
        • Hits a maximum of 1,000 (up from 300) damage with dragon-fire with an anti-dragon shield equipped, and 1,500 (up from 1,200) without.
      • Elvarg (Dominion Tower):
        • Same changes as the quest variant.
        • 15,000 life points (up from 9,000).
        • Max hit of 900 (up from 300).
  • patch 1 November 2014 (Update):
    • Elvarg's combat level in the Dragon Slayer quest journal has been corrected.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In RuneScape Classic, Elvarg was just named "Dragon" in-game and was level 110, the strongest monster in free play, a title it relinquished to the Greater demon when RuneScape 2 was released.
  • If you attempt to enter the longhall in Rellekka before crafting your lyre for Olaf the Bard's council vote in The Fremennik Trials quest, your player will claim they are an acapella bard to the Longhall Bouncer and you will be given a choice of four songs to sing. One of them is titled "Elvarg The Magic Dragon." The song lyrics are "Elvarg the magic dragon... Lives by the sea... He spends all his days eating folk, And dies occasionally..." This refers to Elvarg as a male rather than female. The song is based on "Puff, the Magic Dragon", a popular song by the folk group Peter, Paul and Mary.