Elite tectonic mask (barrows)

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For this item's (un)dyed variants, see blood, Ice, Shadow, undyed, Third Age.
For other variants of this item, see non-elite.
Elite tectonic mask (barrows) chathead.png

The Elite tectonic mask (barrows) is a tectonic mask that has been both upgraded using draconic energy and dyed with a barrows dye (in either order).

The mask will degrade to a broken state after 100,000 charges of combat. When used inside elite dungeons no charges are used.

Making a barrows dyed elite tectonic mask costs 214,953,743 coins.

Combat stats[edit | edit source]

Creation[edit | edit source]

Upgrading requires a new/fully repaired mask; one can also apply dye to a new or used elite tectonic mask.

Elite tectonic mask (barrows).png Elite tectonic mask (barrows)
Runecrafting-Hourglass.pngMake-X GE icon.png
500 XP-?-
Runecrafting Runecrafting level91
P2P icon.png Members only
Tectonic mask (barrows).pngTectonic mask (barrows)1N/A-
Draconic energy.pngDraconic energy140246,75334,545,420
Stone of binding.pngStone of binding1461,623461,623
Total price35,007,043

Disassembly[edit | edit source]