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Elite skilling outfits are items which provide a range of unique bonuses for training a specific skill when worn. Additionally, each outfit provides an experience boost when training the relevant skill if the corresponding experience-boosting set is owned. The elite skilling outfits don't provide an experience boost on their own (except for the elite Dungeoneering outfits). For example, pieces of the Diviner's outfit need to be owned before the Elder divination outfits can give a boost to Divination experience.

Elite skilling outfit pieces were originally obtainable via a Treasure hunter promotion, and later from Vic the trader and Stanley Limelight, before eventually becoming available through the fragment system as part of Invention skill.

Individual pieces of an outfit can be traded with another player for another piece within that same set in a 1:1 trade. (e.g. a sapphire golem body can be traded for emerald golem gloves).

If the player has three of the tradable outfit pieces of the same type and from the same slot, they can be combined into a superior, non-tradable piece. (e.g. Sapphire, Emerald, and Ruby golem gloves can be combined into Magic golem gloves for the Mining skill). The Dungeoneering trailbrazer outfit requires four pieces.

Elite outfits made through Invention[edit | edit source]

The player can start gathering the elite skilling outfit fragments after attaining level 70 in their respective skill. This opportunity took effect for the outfits originally available exclusively from Treasure Hunter: for the Mining and Runecrafting (since 14 November 2016), Fishing (since 6 March 2017), Thieving (since 5 June 2017), Divination (since 29 January 2018), Dungeoneering (since 13 August 2018), Woodcutting (since 24 June 2019), and Hunter (since 8 July 2019). The Farming outfit uses the fragment system despite never appearing on Treasure Hunter and being obtainable exclusively through the player-owned farm.

At level 80 in the respective skill, and with level 20 Invention, blueprints for the outfit can be researched and outfits can be manufactured. The rates at which the outfit fragments are gathered will also be improved at level 99, level 120, and at 200,000,000 XP.

Skill Component Sets Combined Set XP Boost Obtaining and notes
Divination Divination Elder divination outfit Up to 6%
Dungeoneering Dungeoneering Warped gorajan trailblazer outfit Up to 7%
Farming Farming Master farmer outfit Up to 6%
Fishing Fishing Fury shark outfit Up to 5%
Hunter Hunter Volcanic trapper outfit Up to 6%
Mining Mining Magic golem outfit Up to 6%
Runecrafting Runecrafting Infinity ethereal outfit Up to 5%
Thieving Thieving Master camouflage outfit Up to 5%
Woodcutting Woodcutting Nature's sentinel outfit Up to 5%

Elite outfits obtained through other means[edit | edit source]

The elite skilling outfits for Archaeology and Construction, the master archaeologist's outfit and the master constructor's outfit, are different from all other elite skilling outfits due to neither being made with fragments via Invention, nor having 3 component outfits. Instead, each piece of the archaeologist's outfit can be bought from the Archaeology Guild Shop upon completion of the Qualification - Guildmaster achievement and costs 50,000 chronotes each for a total of 250,000 chronotes. Similarly, each piece of the constructor's outfit can be purchased from Estate Agents Shop for 250 contract credits or won on Treasure Hunter.

Skill Set XP Boost Obtaining and notes
Archaeology Archaeology Master archaeologist's outfit Up to 6%
Construction Construction Master constructor's outfit Up to 6%

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It was possible for free players to obtain elite set pieces through the Christmas Advent Calendar, which would result in unusable member's objects.