Elite defiler

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Elite defiler
Elite defiler.png
Release6 October 2010 (Update)
Options? (edit)
Race? (edit)
Combat info
Combat level91
Life points3,250
Combat experience
Multicombat.png XP162.5
Constitution-icon.png XP53.6
Invention-icon.png XP
14 / 7 / 7
Max hit
Attack-icon.pngRanged-icon.pngMagic-icon.pngNecromancy-icon.pngWeapon Special Attack.png
1952600? (edit)0
4 ticks (2.4s)
Combat levels
48650? (edit)
4871,2990? (edit)
1,29965Slash weakness icon.pngTerrasaur maul.png
Base hit chance
Slash weakness icon.pngAttack-icon.pngRanged-icon.pngMagic-icon.png
Poison immunity icon.pngDeflect immunity icon.pngStun immunity icon.pngDrain immunity icon.png
Not immune? (edit)? (edit)? (edit)
Advanced data
NPC ID6344
Linksbestiary • MRND

Elite defilers are monsters that spawn during the final fight of The Void Stares Back. They should be attacked as soon as they spawn because they attack the Void Knight archers, who are the only allies who can kill the pest drones, which heal the Pest Queen. Because of this, Void Knight archers are the most valuable helpers and should be protected well.

The easiest way to deal with the defilers is to attack the two initial spawns and lead them either behind the Pest Queen or behind the boxes near the entrance of the battlefield. When they get stuck, the player can deal with the Queen without worrying about the archers being killed.

They appear to be no more than upgraded versions of the defilers fought during the Pest Control minigame, though much stronger and more aggressive, and weak against slashing weapons rather than stabbing. Players should make these a top priority, as they can consistently hit the archers for over 350 damage per hit. Their max hit on players is lower, at roughly 260, but they are very accurate, even against melee armour. As such, if players do distract the defilers, it is advisable for them to keep an eye on their own LP and the Pest Queen's attacks in the meantime. It is highly suggested to target these strictly, using basic abilities to increase adrenaline until the Queen readies her special attack when all the drones and defilers are defeated. They are weak against slash, so it is advisable to bring an abyssal whip or chaotic longsword to take them out quickly.

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