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Elegant costumes (also known as Ele' costumes) are formal fancy clothing that come in sets of different colours (red, blue, green, purple, white and black) in male and female varieties. These costumes are obtained as rewards from treasure trails. A full costume set can be stored in the costume room of a player-owned house.

The red, green, and blue costumes can be obtained from easy clue scrolls. Meanwhile, the purple, white, and black costumes can be obtained from medium clue scrolls. As each of the costume colours are desired more than others, the prices vary between each costume colour, sometimes greatly. The male/female factor also influences the prices between the elegant costumes.

White elegant costume is only available for females, while the black elegant costume is only available for males. Nonetheless, the costumes may be worn interchangeably between the genders.

Types of costumes[edit | edit source]

The Grand Exchange prices here is based on the Grand Exchange Market Watch. To update outdated prices, see Grand Exchange Market Watch/Treasure Trails.
Image Item GE Price Total Price Female costume Male costume
White elegant blouse.png White elegant blouse 509,478 998,625 White elegant clothing (female) equipped.png Black elegant clothing equipped (male).png
White elegant skirt.png White elegant skirt 489,147
Black elegant shirt.png Black elegant shirt 611,336 1,157,679
Black elegant legs.png Black elegant legs 546,343
Blue elegant blouse.png Blue elegant blouse 469,861 938,433 Blue elegant clothing equipped (female).png Blue elegant clothing equipped (male).png
Blue elegant skirt.png Blue elegant skirt 468,572
Blue elegant shirt.png Blue elegant shirt 359,597 842,562
Blue elegant legs.png Blue elegant legs 482,965
Green elegant blouse.png Green elegant blouse 447,984 883,505 Green elegant clothing female equipped.png Green elegant clothing male equipped.png
Green elegant skirt.png Green elegant skirt 435,521
Green elegant shirt.png Green elegant shirt 471,823 943,123
Green elegant legs.png Green elegant legs 471,300
Purple elegant blouse.png Purple elegant blouse 454,877 902,110 Purple elegant clothing (female) equipped.png Purple elegant clothing equipped.png
Purple elegant skirt.png Purple elegant skirt 447,233
Purple elegant shirt.png Purple elegant shirt 453,392 901,664
Purple elegant legs.png Purple elegant legs 448,272
Red elegant blouse.png Red elegant blouse 465,395 922,789 Red elegant clothing (female) equipped.png Red elegant clothing equipped.png
Red elegant skirt.png Red elegant skirt 457,394
Red elegant shirt.png Red elegant shirt 474,228 950,498
Red elegant legs.png Red elegant legs 476,270

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 12 August 2019 (Update):
    • All elegant shirts, blouses, legs and skirts can now be added to PoH.