Elders of Keldagrim

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The Elders of Keldagrim, also known as the Council of Elder Magi, were a dwarven governing body who once ruled Keldagrim, a massive subterranean city found beneath Trollweiss Mountain. When the dwarves first fled beneath the surface to escape the God Wars of the early Third Age, they were first ruled by a council of several elders.

The Elders were replaced by a monarchial system shortly after the founding of Keldagrim, which marked the beginning of the Dwarven Age of Kings. Some 500 years ago, the monarchy was replaced by the Mining Consortium.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Elders of Keldagrim bear a striking resemblance to the Builders of the City of Ember. They were the government of both cities when war struck above surface.