Elders of Avarrocka

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The Elders of Avarrocka also known as The Council of Varrock were a small group of men that ruled the town of Avarrocka, now called Varrock, during its early days in the Fourth Age.

The Elders were at first the leaders of a small wandering tribe, one of the many nomadic tribes of humans that wandered Gielinor during the Fourth Age. When they discovered the child Arrav in the forests of modern-day Misthalin, they saw him as a good omen and established the city of Avarrocka where they found him.

Some time during the Fourth Age, after the death of Arrav, the Elders stood aside to allow a line of kings to rule Avarrocka and, eventually, all of Misthalin. Today, the Elders are no longer in existence, and have been fully replaced by the monarchy.

Founding Members[edit | edit source]

The founding members of the elders were:

Descendants[edit | edit source]

The following is a list of all known descendants of the elders. However, one of the people still alive on the list is not a direct descendent. The descendants are written in same order as their ancestors.

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Predecessor Title Successor
None Ruler of Misthalin Unknown (Eventually the father of The Five Princes of Misthalin)