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Elder Gods, the creators of the Horn.

The Horn, also known as the Horn of Quin, is an artefact of the Elder Gods. It was an early mouthpiece they used to communicate with and control the TokHaar, since it was not possible for them to use their own voices without eviscerating any and all things in their vocal range. As time went on, the Elder Gods began to refine and evolve their communication methods, and thus, the Horn became obsolete. It was eventually discarded just like many of the other Elder Artefacts, replaced by newer forms of communication, such as the "Kras" in Heart of Stone and the spawned Voice of Jas' seen in Sliske's Endgame.

The Horn was eventually found on Gielinor by Guthix in the First Age and it is likely this contributed to the power he was known to have. Guthix hid the Horn, along with the other artefacts in his possession, before going to sleep at the beginning of the Second Age. Around year 149 of the Fifth Age, it came into the possession of Quin,[1] a powerful seasinger and self-proclaimed goddess of the Wushanko Isles. She used it to boost her already potent seasinger abilities, allowing her to control all the sea monsters of Wushanko from afar, and consequently demanded that the citizens of Wushanko worship her like a goddess. Following her defeat, the Horn was lost as nobody thought to claim it.

The basis of the Horn's ability is to communicate and impose one's will on another, which is why Quin was capable of controlling multiple sea monsters.

Marimbo ascended due to exposure to the horn, though it is uncertain if this was prolonged or simply overnight, through the course of a drinking game.[2]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Prior to the reveal that it was in Quin's possession, it was speculated that it could be the Frostenhorn or even the Wand of Resurrection. These were however quickly confirmed to be false, while there was often a "no comment" on Quin's horn.

References[edit | edit source]

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