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This article is about elder chronicles found throughout Gielinor. For the ones found in Freneskae, see Elder chronicle (item).

Elder chronicles are wisps that can be found after Fate of the Gods, using The Measure in four different locations:

After capturing them, they award the player with 50,000 Divination experience each, for a total of 200,000. Capturing these chronicles awards the achievement Measure of Old, which is a requirement for the master quest cape.

Additionally, Mah's chronicles can be found by siphoning from elder wisps in the Elder Halls, but these act as ordinary chronicle fragments and do not give 50,000 experience. They can be turned in for experience in a skill of the player's choice in addition to unlocking some lore for every 10 captured chronicles up to 100 chronicles.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • After obtaining Wen's chronicle, the Oracle's dialogue changes to reference her.
  • Jas's chronicle was originally going to be found by Eblis to tie in with dialogue where he says he feels the spot to be of significance, but this was changed before release of the quest. Nevertheless, his dialogue changes after you obtain the chronicle, having the player say the area has a high amount of Anima.
  • All of the chronicles other than Wen's are described as "elder chronicles" in the quest journal, while hers is referred to as "a chronicle".
  • It is possible that the locations of the elder chronicles are in fact where the designated Elder Gods were slumbering, as noted by the location of Jas within the Heart. This was also hinted at during "One of a Kind" when the stone statue where Bik's chronicle is found marks the "Sleeper".
  • Wen's chronicle was meant to be found on White Wolf Mountain, implying this is her resting location, but was mistakenly placed on Ice Mountain.[1]
  • The misplacement of the chronicle has not been corrected, and has instead been incorporated into Azzanadra's dialogue when asking him about the Elder Gods after both completing Heart of Stone and gathering the elder chronicles.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ RuneScape 20 Years of Lore // The Lore Council discusses he history of Gielinor. 19 January 2021. "I remember... I think it was... I want to say post-Fate of the Gods, it might have been Heart of Stone. I remember that we put a chronicle of where one of the Elder Gods might be on the wrong place. We just put it on the wrong mountain. So, you know, we implied that an Elder God might be somewhere and we put it in the wrong location and suddenly we had this Elder God that spanned two mountains."*