Elder Tasgall

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Elder Tasgall was the leader of a Saradominist village near what would later be Al Kharid, during the Gielinorian God Wars. He was previously a soldier on the front lines of Saradomin's armies and at some point lost his leg in battle. He appears only in the lore story The Song From Before The War.

A group of Saradominist soldiers visited his village. Sergeant Mazakon, the icyene leader of the group, spoke to the villagers, asking them to sign up. He introduced Elspeth, a human-icyene hybrid (though she later denied being icyenic), to sing for the village, causing many of them to sign up. Elder Tasgall was unhappy about that, arguing with Sergeant Mazakon, saying they were taking too many conscripts for too little gain. Mazakon ridiculed him, claiming his human lifespan made him blind to the reality of the situation. When the Ripper attacked the village that night, Elder Tasgall was killed, torn to pieces by the assassin.[1]

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