Elder Kiln

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This article is about the Elder Artefact. For the quest, see The Elder Kiln.
Elder Kiln.png

The Elder Kiln is a powerful Elder God artefact created by the Elder Goddess Ful that manufactures living implements. With the sacred lava of the Elder Kiln, the TokHaar were created. Their great purpose was fulfilling the orders of the Elder Gods: create a perfect world. The Elder Gods were dissatisfied with the initial work of the TokHaar, but with time, they became more experienced in shaping mountains and tunnels. After many millennia, the great longing of the Elder Gods was fulfilled. Gielinor, was the perfect and last creation of the Elder Gods. They cast aside their tools, for they no longer needed them, and laid down upon their perfect world. The TokHaar don't know when or if the Elder Gods will awaken, but they long for more orders.

The Elder Kiln was moved to many worlds so that more TokHaar could be forged to shape them. The Elder Kiln is currently on Gielinor along with many other elder artefacts.