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Elder Gods quest series is a series of quests involving the Elder Gods.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Fate of the Gods[edit | edit source]

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Azzanadra met the adventurer at the World Gate to inform them that the return of Zaros to Gielinor was near. Sliske also showed up at the Gate to help operate the portal, provide commentary, and watch events unfold. As the only one who could enter the portal to meet Zaros, it was up to the adventurer to travel to the dangerous plane of Freneskae and decide whether to assist or sabotage Zaros's return.

The adventurer first arrived at the Approach, which they navigated through to reach the Sanctum, where they found receptacles to place memoriam crystals. At the end of the room was a puzzle door leading to the Pit, a chamber where they had to defeat four nihil. Once victorious, the adventurer proceeded through to the top of Freneskae's volcano, called the Cradle. Here they became face to face with a sleeping figure, and finally, Zaros himself. He took the adventurer to their mind threshold to talk. The player learned many things about Zaros. Furthermore, they were informed of the 'Great Revision,' a world-ending event during which the elder gods awaken from their slumber and set out to destroy all planes in order to create new ones. Lastly, they learned of Zaros' plans to ascend to elder godhood, to stop the Great Revision from happening.

By this point, the adventurer's presence had triggered the awareness of Mah, the sleeping elder god on the volcano. After braving off creatures created by Mah's nightmare, the adventurer chose to craft a body for Zaros--either one made from dark energy, allowing Zaros to return at full strength; or one made from light energy, allowing Zaros to return, but in a very weak state. Back on Gielinor at last, Zaros gathered his followers. He excommunicated Sliske for the murder of Guthix and creation of the god-killing contest; and assigned Char to keep an eye on Sliske, Nex to monitor the gods, and Azzanadra to find the resting place of the elder gods on Gielinor.

Heart of Stone[edit | edit source]

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Kicking off the World Guardian's direct interactions with the Elder Gods on Gielinor, Ariane enlisted the adventurer's help to apprehend Xenia. She constructed a rune golem named Kipple to track her down. Kipple led the adventurer to each Elder God's resting place on Gielinor: Entrana for Bik, Karamja Volcano for Ful, White Wolf Mountain for Wen, and Sophanem for Jas. At each location, they encountered the God's mouthpiece, which revealed a bit more about its master, and exposed that Xenia was attempting a very dangerous plot to sabotage the Elder Gods. When each had been met, Kipple found Xenia in a portal in the Lumbridge Cemetery, through which Ariane and the adventurer confronted her. Xenia explained that she was trying to drain off all the Anima on Gielinor into the Abyss, to prevent the Elder Gods from getting to it first and starting the next Great Revision. Ariane had to attack her to stop her plan, and blasted her into the abyss, killing her. Then an aggressive prehistoric abyssal emerged, and destroyed Kipple. Upon the abyssal's defeat, it warned that due to Xenia's actions, the Elder Gods were beginning to wake.

The Light Within[edit | edit source]

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Whilst The Light Within focuses primarily on the return of Seren, goddess of the Elves, it also progresses the narrative of the Elder Gods.

Seren shows The World Guardian a memory of her time on Freneskae. A moment which was shared between herself and Zaros, as they stood watching over their sleeping mother, the Elder God, Mah. It is here that Zaros revealed to Seren that other elder gods exist. Five of form, and a sixth of something else.[1] Zaros had discovered this by searching for their memories in the Elder Halls of Freneskae. Finally, Zaros revealed his intention to become an Elder God, believing it to be his birthright and asked his sister, Seren, to join him.[2] Not only did Seren refuse, but said that she would stand against her brother, stopping him from becoming an Elder God for as long as she should live.[3]

Children of Mah[edit | edit source]

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The adventurer's ally Kharshai alerted them that the Mahjarrats' life energy had suddenly begun to rapidly wane, despite the recency of the last Ritual of Rejuvenation. All remaining Mahjarrat on Gielinor except Sliske once again met up at the Ritual Site to discuss what to do. In sequence, Zaros and Zamorak showed up and made their cases; furthermore, the Mahjarrat and the adventurer accessed Kharshai's memories to relive Zamorak's betrayal of Zaros in the Second Age. With some reluctance and little choice, the Mahjarrat decided they must return to Freneskae to see what Zaros had to offer.

Promptly after materializing on Freneskae through the World Gate, Zemouregal took Kharshai captive with intent to sacrifice him. The adventurer followed them over lava falls, battling through hostile muspah. In due course, they surfed over a lava waterfall but were rescued and taken to Freneskae's Ritual Marker by Seren. There, Zamorak and Zaros remet after millennia and commenced battling. Zamorak was overpowered. Seeing his imminent defeat, he started channeling his energy into the Mahjarrat, but Zaros saw his attempt at martyrdom and ceased attacking. Instead, they created an unbreakable demonic pact: Zaros would deliver on empowering all Mahjarrat with Mah's life energy, permanently freeing them from Rituals of Rejuvenation; and Zamorak would perform one action for Zaros in Sliske's Endgame. Also, everyone found out that Zamorak was Khazard's father.

All the commotion roused Mah. Seren thus sent the adventurer into Mah's mind to quell her uneasy dreams. In three phases, inhabited by nightmare creatures, muspah, the Mahjarrat, Seren, and Zaros, the adventurer protected the troubled Elder God. However, by the time they finished, Zaros had already drained Mah's life force; with deep sadness and regret, Seren mercy killed what was left of her. The goddess revealed herself at last to those assembled. The Mahjarrat were infuriated at the revelation that she posed as Mah long ago to teach them the Rituals of Rejuvenation and Enervation, while Seren castigated Zaros for betraying their creator.

No longer dreading inevitable sacrifice, the Mahjarrat contemplated their futures.

Sliske's Endgame[edit | edit source]

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As the eclipse approached, Sliske's Endgame commenced. It was time for the culmination of Sliske's plans since the assassination of Guthix, the final clash of those playing his god-killing game. The participants--Death, Icthlarin, Saradomin, Zamorak, Zaros, Seren, the dragonkin, and the adventurer gathered at the Heart to meet Relomia and Sliske. Sliske had the adventurer choose a faction to support and kill Nomad reanimated as a wight.

Then, all participants were thrust into Sliske's Labyrinth. This was two gargantuan mazes in series, filled with multitudes of devious puzzles. While traversing them, the adventurer, encompanied by Icthlarin in a regressed state, encountered the other contenders and their entourages, and could speak with them or watch them interact with each other. At the end of the Labyrinth, the adventurer raced a god down an obstacle course to the Stone of Jas. Once it had been claimed, Zaros and Seren teleported in. If the god was victorious, depending on whether Zaros and Seren were fully restored, they revealed the binding pacts they had made with him, and demanded the Stone from him. If the World Guardian reached the Stone first, Zaros threatened to destroy them for it. Regardless, Kerapac appeared at this point and shattered the Stone with the Mirror.

Enraged, Sliske attempted to kill everyone. He first sent hordes of his standard wights at the adventurer, which were dispatched with ease while Zaros and Seren kept Sliske occupied. So, he brought out the Barrows Brothers to attack, but they defected due to events in Kindred Spirits, and held back the other wights. The World Guardian was left to face Sliske's three strongest minions: Linza the Disgraced, Nomad, and Gregorovic. When they were defeated, Sliske snapped and took on the adventurer personally, teleporting them both to an isolated arena. Four times the adventurer had to bring Sliske down, until their World Guardian powers activated and they vanquished him using the Staff of Armadyl. However, before succumbing, Sliske managed to stab the other end into the adventurer, and appeared to transfer his essence into them.

When they regained consciousness, they along with Zaros and Seren found themselves opposite Jas herself. It turned out that Sliske was her agent. She denied Zaros's plea to become an Elder God himself, and the siblings departed. The World Guardian talked with Jas, and left with an ultimatum: prove that life is worthy, or be destroyed.

Desperate Times[edit | edit source]

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Following Jas's ominous threat, Seren gathered all the major religions and factions of RuneScape to a council on what to do. Her best idea was to create a beautiful garden to impress them with the richness of life. However, it was impossible to get all council members to agree on the location, plants, and workers. The dragonkin Kerapac then appeared, and managed to convince everybody but Seren of a plan to induce the Elder Gods into a permanent sleep instead of acquiescing to their ultimatum. Thok and the adventurer headed for the Needle to meet him for step one. There, Kerapac attempted his magic on the elder artefact, but concluded that they would need help from the powerful human mage Charos. After completing some of his puzzles to enchant his necklace, the adventurer found him masquerading as the Varrockian librarian Reldo this whole time. He built a device to subdue the Needle's memory-wiping capability, and everybody rejoined at the Needle.

Before the device could be used, Gail materialized to stop them. While the others fended off her attacks, the adventurer was sent into the Needle's "consciousness." Through it, the adventurer explored versions of Guthix's cave, Naragun, the Empyrean Citadel, Sliske's Labyrinth, and the Dragonkin Laboratory, chasing anima. Upon completion, Kerapac stabbed the Needle with the Staff of Armadyl and wrested control of the Needle from Gail, reverting her to Primrose. He teleported the Needle away and flew off to Anachronia.

Returning to the council, it was surmised that Kerapac intended to sacrifice Gielinor to keep the rest of the universe safe, destroying the planet and the Elder Gods on it.

Archaeology Pre-release[edit | edit source]

Writings on the Walls[edit | edit source]

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Desperate Measures[edit | edit source]

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Following on from Desperate Times, it is revealed that Kerapac used the Needle in order to pull Anachronia, and the city of Orthen, forward in time from prior to the First Age. It is revealed that, as far as we know, the Dragonkin were the first sapient life to arrive on Gielinor. They were remarkable architects, mystics, scientists, philosophers, artists, poets, and so much more. They constructed Orthen, their first city, and many others like it as part of their advanced civilisation. But it is not for the culture that Kerapac pulled a land out of time.

Long ago, at the height of Orthen, Kerapac constructed a device known as the crucible. This was a device capable of converting anima into shadow anima through an unknown process. Kerapac believed that with this amount of power, the Dragonkin could rival the Elder Gods themselves. The crucible functioned by ejected shadow anima into the animasphere, flooding the world with shadow anima. A substance which is highly toxic to the Elder Gods and the food supply of their unhatched eggs. Unfortunately for the Dragonkin, Jas was made aware of this. She rose to the surface, laying waste to the Dragonkin cities, and then she bound the Dragonkin to her catalyst, the Stone of Jas. From this moment on, the Dragonkin would feel excruciating pain whenever the Stone of Jas was abused by False Users. They would also be empowered in equal proportion to the power exuded from the stone, giving them the ability to defeat any who may wish to steal the possession of Jas.

The version of Anachronia which Kerapac sought to uncover was not long after these events. He pulled foward Orthen, but the Orthen which had been turned to ruin by Jas. This way, none of the other Dragonkin could attempt to stop him. More importantly, the crucible had remained intact, one which was not ruined by the passage of time. Kerapac began using the hibernating Nodon as a source for anima, from which he set about creating shadow anima again. This time Kerapac would do things differently, however. He had obtained the sister of the black stone dragon. Black stone, similar to shadow anima, has properties antithetical to the Elder Gods. The aura of the black stone imbued being would allow for Kerapac's laboratory to remain hidden to the Roakin. However this was an existential threat, one which would result in the death of not just the Elder Gods, but all life on Gielinor. As a result, the Council of Burthorpe tasked the World Guardian to go to Anachronia alongside Charos and Thok of Daemonheim to stop Kerapac. Shortly after, Hannibus was also found on the island who also assisted the World Guardian.

But Kerapac was too strong, with the combined power of the Needle, the Mirror and Staff of Armadyl. The player had no choice but to visit the aunt of Seren - the Elder God, Jas. It turned out that Jas was completely aware of the situation, and Kerapac was not as wise as he had thought. Had the Elder Gods wanted, whilst they could not have precisely removed Kerapac's laboratory due to the shadow anima, they could have destroyed Anachronia in its entirety - which would result in catastrophic destruction and tidal waves capable of destroying settlements. Believing their inaction to be a kindness to life, for now, Jas gave the World Guardian an Eye of Jas.

The World Guardian was able to successfully breach Kerapac's Laboratory, but Charos, Thok and Hannibus were unable to enter due to the high concentration of shadow anima. After slaying the sister of the black stone dragon, the World Guardian confronted Kerapac and presented the Eye of Jas. Unbeknownst to the player, not only was Jas able to reclaim the Needle but allowed her to bind Kerapac and the Nodon to her, cursing them once again. This was such a painful moment for Kerapac that he began to beg for death, but this wish was not granted. Moments after, the laboratory began to shake as debris fell from the ceiling. Charos, Thok and Hannibus entered the collapsing laboratory in order to help the World Guardian and Kerapac escape. After successfully fleeing from the, now ruined, laboratory. The Elder God, Ful, cleaved through the earth and tore the Anachronia volcano asunder. The Elder Gods were now awake, and they were not pleased.

Kerapac Track (Lore Hunter)[edit | edit source]

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Raksha & Reiniger (Raksha D&D)[edit | edit source]

Acting Guildmaster Reiniger sent some adventurers to Orthen to recover a shadow anima container for unknown reasons. Unfortunately, they were unsuccessful and defeated by Raksha, the Shadow Colossus.[4]

Mod Jack does not consider the entire campaign which occured on Twitch to be canon, but states that the aforementioned events are, and that it is part of the Elder Gods series timeline.[5] Jack intends to add an explicit reference to this into the game.

Raksha, the Shadow Colossus (miniquest)[edit | edit source]

Millennia ago, Gielinor was an untouched, unspoiled wilderness. Only plants and animals lived there, untroubled by language or industry. A handful of elder artefacts had been discarded by the Elder Gods. One of these was the Codex, a repository of both knowledge and power. When a great beast came across the strange monolith, it couldn't know what awaited. It emerged from the Codex fundamentally changed. It was a colossus - an animal demigod. The ultimate apex predator. Unchallenged. When the dragonkin arrived, they were fascinated by the creature. They found it, captured it, and imprisoned it in their city. They called it Raksha. Nothing quite like it has been seen before, or since. It was not just a colossus, but a shadow colossus. Its power came not from the elder gods but from somewhere... else. To the priest Kranon, it was a religious inspiration, the source of his heresy. The scientist Kerapac took a very different line of inquiry. He experimented until the beast was of no more use to him. I recommend that you do not allow it to leave the complex. The damage it could inflict is considerable.
— Zaros

Azzanadra's Quest[edit | edit source]

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City of Senntisten[edit | edit source]

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The Nodon Front[edit | edit source]

The Glacor Front[edit | edit source]

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The TzekHaar Front[edit | edit source]

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The Eye of Het II[edit | edit source]

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