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Eir (armoured) chathead.png

Eir is a Valkyrie and inhabitant of the Fremennik spiritual realm. She greets deceased Fremennik warriors arriving in the realm and prepares them for the End of Things.[1] She also acts as a guard to the longhall, refusing entry to those who have not died properly.[2]

She greets the player after they "die" by being crushed by rocks during Blood Runs Deep and explains the realm's function to them, but refuses to let them into the longhall. She serves a similar function to Death during the quest, rescuing the player upon death and returning them to Gielinor, either at a place relevant to their quest progress or at their usual respawn point. During the scripted deaths she will return the player's items for free, but will not save items during non-scripted deaths.

During the 2014 Winter event through the 2018 event, she appeared near the sparkling wisp colony in the southeastern corner of the Fremennik province. She required help in getting her equipment back. Her helmet and spear could be obtained by either killing the Winter wolves (Hati, Sköll and Fenrir) or by harvesting sparkling wisps.

For the 2019 winter event (also known as Valkyrie's Return), she appeared near the Fremennik lodestone. In place of her helmet and spear, used in previous events, players could turn in a Jormungand ring, obtainable from killing Hati, Sköll, or Fenrir. She also accepted valkyrie feathers for rewards during the event. When the player hands in 20,000 feathers, Eir and the other valkyries will get their wings.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Eir speaks in:

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Eir is based on a figure in Norse mythology of the same name. In Norse mythology she is a goddess and/or valkyrie, which escorts those slain in battle to the afterlife.
  • She mentions she and the player might meet again at "The End of Things". This is a reference to the Ragnarök, a battle between the gods in Norse mythology that ends up destroying the world.

References[edit | edit source]

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  2. ^ Eir, "Blood Runs Deep", RuneScape. "I'm afraid not. Not that we wouldn't like you to take a seat in the Hall – certainly, I hope you come back for good before the End of Things – but now just isn't the time."