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Effigy remnants are an unstable NPC that enriched materials can be gathered from during the D&D Effigy Incubator. They provide two materials per collection, compared to one from normal material hotspots [1]. They can only be collected from during the five minutes of an active Effigy Incubator session each month. The effigy remnants will disappear after a short period of time, and have a blue progress bar above their heads that indicates when they will disappear.

Occasionally, the effigy remnants will drop enriched materials nearby, and can be collected without interrupting focus on the remnant, much as can be done with the material hotspots. Like with the hotspots, the materials will usually be the same material as the type of effigy remnant, but can be any of the enriched materials.

Gathering from effigy remnants may also occasionally produce an uncharged effigy of the corresponding type.

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References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Vicendithas, "Sins of the Father", RuneScape. "Look at that! An effigy remnant. Not exactly stable, but much more efficient to gather from. Effigy remnants are more densely packed with the materials we need. So if you see one make sure you harvest them while you can."