Effigy casings (scenery)

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Not to be confused with Effigy casing.

Effigy casings is a material hotspot that is used in the monthly D&D Effigy Incubator. During the D&D, Effigy casings can be collect from it. Outside of the D&D, the hotspot cannot be used, meaning that if the player does not collect enough effigy casings, they will be unable to use all of their excess enriched materials to create effigies, and the player will only be able to hand them in for incubator points.

All effigy casings can be handed in to Vicendithas for 1 incubator point each This is not recommended unless all possible effigies have been made, since no more can be claimed. All enriched materials and casings taken out of the laborator will be traded to Vicendithas. Players will get a warning when attempting to teleport with Effigy casings in their inventory.

There is no limit to the number of effigy casings that can be gathered during a session, but gathering more than 7 or 8 may lead to having not enough enriched materials, or not having enough time to incubate the the created uncharged effigies within the five minute time limit of the activity. See the strategies for the D&D for more information.

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 28 September 2020 (Update):
    • Added a warning when teleporting out of an active Effigy Incubator session.
    • Enhanced materials, effigy casings & unincubated effigies will now be traded to Vicendithas when leaving the area instead of being removed from players' Backpacks.