Effigy Incubator (scenery)

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The Effigy Incubator is interactive scenery that is used in the monthly D&D Effigy Incubator. During the D&D, the incubator is prepared with the help of Vicendithas, who instructs the players to turn certain valves in the laboratory to calibrate the machine. Once the machine is calibrated, the D&D can be started by pulling the lever next to the incubator hatch. Once the lever is pulled, the player will have five minutes to gather enriched materials that can be combined with effigy casings to create uncharged effigies. These effigies can then be incubated in the effigy by interacting with the incubator hatch located on the front of the machine. After a couple of seconds, the created effigies can be removed from the incubator and used.

Only the hatch of the incubator can be interacted with, and it can only be interacted with during the D&D. Interacting with it without uncharged effigies will result in the message You do not have any uncharged effigies to incubate.

If effigies are placed into the incubator before the five minutes are up in the D&D, the number of effigies received will be doubled. This works even if the effigies are withdrawn after the five minutes are up, as long as the effigies were added during the time limit. Because of this, it is highly recommended to allow enough time to create the uncharged effigies at Kerapac's workbench and deposit them into the incubator.

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