Efaritay's pendant

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Efaritay's pendant is an item used during The Lord of Vampyrium. It is found by inspecting the statue of Queen Efaritay in the Icyene graveyard, and is then given to Safalaan. While exploring Castle Drakan, Safalaan gives the pendant to Vanescula as part of a deal they made, though the details are left unknown after she seemingly kills him at the end of the quest.

In River of Blood, it is once again found in the Icyene graveyard. Efaritay asks that the player give it to her when told that Safalaan had retrieved it before, explaining that the pendant provides the wearer with protection from vampyres and that it should've kept him safe from Vanescula unless he had stopped wearing it. Knowing that Safalaan gave the pendant to Vanescula allows her and the player to deduce that someone returned it to the graveyard and that Safalaan has been turned into a Wyrd.

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