Edgeville Dungeon chaos druids dungeon

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Edgeville Dungeon chaos druids dungeon entrance location.png

The Edgeville Dungeon chaos druids dungeon is found north of the gate into the Wilderness of the Edgeville Dungeon. This resource dungeon is available to members only and has a Dungeoneering level requirement of 10, and grants 1,100 Dungeoneering experience upon the player's first entrance. The room contains 12 Chaos druids in a moderately sized cave. The cave also has a grimy marrentill, grimy irit, grimy harralander, grimy ranarr spawn - the only ones in all of RuneScape.

Even though the dungeon's location is in the Wilderness side of the dungeon, the dungeon itself is not in the wilderness. Due to its entrance being located in the Wilderness, Dungeoneering teleports will drop players off near the gate leading into the Wilderness section, as opposed to directly outside the resource dungeon's entrance.

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