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Ed Wood was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.

Ed Wood is a lumberjack working on the construction of the Varrock Dig Site barge. He could be found to the north-west of the Varrock Dig Site. He was removed when the Varrock Dig Site was reworked in May 2019.

If players tried to talk to him, one of the below messages appeared over his head:

  • Ouch! That was my finger!
  • Can't stop. Too busy.
  • Is it lunch break yet?
  • This work isn't going to do itself.
  • Wonder when I'll get paid.
  • Hey I'm working here, I'm working here.

Ed Wood was briefly removed on 20 May 2019 after the Digsite update, but returned a month later on 24 June with the Breaking the Storm update.

With his return with the Breaking the Storm event, he has new dialogue, as he helps to chop the Enchanted Trees.

  • Eva has some whacky ideas, don't she?
  • Gotta say, I'm liking the new management.
  • Hey I'm working here, I'm working here.
  • I'm glad they let me stay on.
  • Never worked with magical trees before.

When an enchanted tree became verdant, he would say one of the following:

  • I could use some help chopping this thing.
  • Time to get chopping!

When an enchanted tree became wilted, he would say one of the following:

  • The tree's wilting! Try tending to it.
  • We need some farmers over here!

Once the event finished, he could be talked to by the empty tree plot.

  • Never thought I'd live to see this job finished.
  • Nice work out there.
  • What do I do now?

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