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Ed is a werewolf who is friends with Greg, a werewolf guarding the border between Misthalin and Morytania. Ed is supposedly described by Greg as a "wolf with lustrous brown fur" and is implied to have been taken a liking by him.[1]

Alex, Greg's co-guard, attempts to set Greg up with Ed, to which his colleague reacts by jokingly threatening to kill him.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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    • Morytania guard (werewolf): I really need to learn how to get the flour out of my fur.
    • Morytania Guard (human): You could always ask a friend for help.
    • Morytania guard (werewolf): No! I know where this is going. This is not an excuse for you to give me dating advice.
    • Morytania Guard (human): What? All I'm saying is that you could have whatshisface over... You know, the 'wolf with lustrous brown fur'.
    • Morytania guard (werewolf): Nope. Stop. I know we have a peace treaty right now... But if you keep trying to set me up with Ed...I will kill you.
    • Morytania Guard (human): What can I say? Just want my buddy to be happy is all.
    • Morytania guard (werewolf): Grrrrrr