Dwarven technology tree

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The dwarven technology tree is a tree of technology from Invention. At level 40, you may choose to follow this path by talking to Drorkar in Keldagrim or viewing the noticeboard in the Invention Guild if you do not want to complete The Giant Dwarf.

Note that you must complete The Giant Dwarf quest in order for Drorkar to appear in the Keldagrim Palace workshop on the west side of the river.

Dwarven technology tree items can be unlocked using Dwarven Currency, which is earned by completing Invention tasks (not to be confused with Daily Tasks). These tasks can be found at the noticeboard in the Invention Guild, in Dorgesh-Kaan near Oldak, and in Keldagrim near Drorkar. Up to 5 tasks can be saved and each 12 hours a new task is added.

The structure of the dwarven technology tree is as follows:

Tier Level Invention Unlock Cost
1 40 Corporeal components 10
2 50 Sprinkler MK1 25
2 50 Mining accumulator 25
3 60 Book switcher 35
3 60 Calorie bomb 35
4 70 Auto sanctifier 55
4 70 Kinetic cyclone 55
4 70 Dungeoneering lock melter 55

Concepts[edit | edit source]

At RuneFest 2015 the following device concept was shown as an example of an item that could be included in the dwarven tech tree:

  • Mind-leeching device - would turn combat experience into skilling experience.