Dwarven Artisan Rod Fishing Override

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Dwarven Artisan Rod Fishing Override is an animation override that may be obtained during the Travelling Artisan time-limited event. It plays while fishing with a rod. The override can be activated in the Customisations interface. It is the first override players are able to make since Doran the tool artisan only needs to be level 1.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

While the event interface can be opened anywhere using the Travelling Artisan Patches, players must be standing near Doran the tool artisan to use the ingredients for the recipes. Materials do not have to be in the player's inventory to hand them in; they can be in the bank or metal bank.

The costs to skip ingredients scale down with the ingredients left to give. The values listed below are for the full amount of ingredients.

Override Required Doran level Required materials (skip cost) Doran XP earned Doran XP per patch (no skips) Production cost
Dwarven artisan rod 1 150 0.15 192,218