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Players are awarded various titles at the end of a floor.

At the end of a floor while training the Dungeoneering skill players will receive Titles based on their gameplay. The titles do not alter the amount of Dungeoneering experience received. However, obtaining certain titles will indirectly affect the experience received (e.g. Nine Lives).

Only 2 titles will be shown per player without expanding the screen, and a player may earn up to a total of 6 titles per game. Titles available but in later orders (see below) will not be shown. Most titles can be gained by only one person in the whole team, and some need larger teams to attain. Some are very tricky to get in practical raiding.

Titles will normally be firstly aligned from combat to non-combat, and then from green (positive) to yellow (neutral) to red (negative). There are exceptions to this ordering. For example, David and Goliath are put at the top of non-combat and bottom of combat titles, and It's Too Easy! will appear first in the list. If a player gets Berserker, Meat shield, Most deaths, and David, it will be aligned in the mentioned order.

Titles[edit | edit source]

Title[1] Description Tips to getting it[2] Availability per floor[3] Size of team required
"A" For Effort Attempting but failing while using skills Attempt at least 10 skill tasks but fail every single one. This title cannot be obtained while soloing if a skill door or puzzle is part of the critical path. Unlimited Any size (Impossible for a solo player if a required skill door is on the path to the boss)
Against All Odds Dealt the killing blow to a boss while on less than 10 lifepoints. It is easier to get this when fighting Luminescent Icefiend, as its special attack will not finish the player. Being poisoned might also help. It is also easy to earn this title against the Warped Gulega by intentionally getting hit by its special attack when it is at critical health. If the character manages to recover to over 10 LP before finishing the dungeon, the title will be lost. Unlimited Any size
Balanced! You adopted Mod_Reece's stubborn nature by killing a Boss while close to death, but with plenty of food left. Kill the Boss while being as close to death as possible and having lots of food with you at the same time. This title is also easier to get when fighting the Luminescent Icefiend and the Warped Gulega. Unlimited Any size
Battle-mage Most magic damage dealt. Deal more magic damage than anyone else on your team. Dealing any magic damage in solo raiding automatically gains this title. Unique Any size
Beast Mode You displayed Mod_Mark's persistence by exhausting every resource on the critical path. Deplete all resources and kill all monsters that are in the rooms necessary to reach the boss. The whole team acquires this title (when given). Any size
Berserker Most melee damage dealt. Deal more melee damage than anyone else on your team. Dealing any melee damage in solo raiding automatically gains this title. Unique Any size
The Chief You gained Mod_Hulme's green fingers by harvesting at least 25 potatoes...but doing the least damage. Plant cave potato seeds while the others are fighting. Avoid combat as the title will be lost if you deal more than a certain amount of damage during the dungeon. Unique 2 or more players
Clever Girl Death by Bovimastyx. They never attack the same place twice; they remember... Letting a Bovimastyx kill you. This can take a while due to their slow attack speed and mediocre damage. Unlimited Any size
Cliffhanger You held on to your last string of life and completed the dungeon with an incredibly low amount of health. Finish the dungeon with less than 10 LP remaining. Unlimited Any size
Crafting Calamity Attempting to fix a pulley and failing, killing the player. Attempt to fix a pulley while you have less than 10% of your life points. Unlimited Any size
Crafting Catastrophe Got killed trying to craft something with a chisel. Attempt to craft something while you have less than 10% of your life points. Unlimited Any size
Culinary Disaster Most food burned. Cook lots of high level food on low level logs. Unique Any size
D.I.Y. Disaster Victim of an unfortunate construction disaster. Attempt to fix a construction door or repair a collapsing support in the mining rocks room while you have less than 10% of your life points. Unlimited Any size
David Vanquished a superior foe. Player must deliver the final blow to an enemy more than twice their combat level. Unique 2 or more players
Double KO Kill a boss with Retribution. Get boss to very low life points, turn on Retribution, and let him kill you (any other methods of double KO such as poison will not work). Easier to get against the Luminescent Icefiend or Gravecreeper. Wrath does not work for this title. Unique Any size
Fishing Folly Lost a fight with a fishing rod. Fail to catch a vile fish while having less than 10% of your life points. Unlimited Any size
Gatherer Gathered the most resources. Gather more logs, ores, raw fish, etc. than any other player. Unique 2 or more players
Glutton Wasted the most food by over-eating Cook or gather lots of food, then eat it when you have full life points. Unique 2 or more players
Goliath Fell victim to a vastly inferior foe. Player must isolate an enemy of less than half their combat level (not letting any other players help) and die to it. It is very easy to achieve this when fighting Lexicus Runewright, because his Tomes of Strength/Ranging/Magic hit extremely hard for their very low level. Unlimited Any size
Ha-Trick! You matched Mod_Trick's epic performance by getting 'Nothing Special' three times in a row. Get the 'Nothing Special' title three times in a row while with one team. Unlimited (but only available after 2 or more floors have been completed in a row) 2 or more players (as you need 2 or more players for getting 'nothing special')
Handyman Carried useful equipment from start to finish. This title is no longer earnable as of an update 11 April 2012 which saw the release of the Dungeoneering tool belt. No longer available N/A
I Can Has Heim Crab? Like a true pro, you only ate heim crabs in the dungeon. This title is easiest to get if you are a low levelled player or are in a low complexity dungeon. You must eat at least 10 heim crabs to get the title. Eating any other type of food, including Heim crab potatoes, will cause you to forfeit the title. Healing prayers such as Soul Split, and healing abilities such as Regenerate or Rejuvenate, can be used without losing the title. Unlimited Any size
I Choose You! You developed Mod_Liono's passion for enslaving small creatures. Summon 6 or more Familiars. You need not summon different familiars each time; simply dismiss them as you summon them. Unlimited Any size
It's a Trap! You teleported to the Group Gatestone, but died shortly after. The player must teleport to the Group Gatestone and die shortly after. They may walk through doors (i.e., they do not have to die in the room they teleported into). This is easy to achieve at the Skeletal Horde if several skeletons are out and the player is the only one in the room. Unlimited Any size
It's Too Easy! You equalled Mod_Benny's love of carnage by doing plenty of damage with melee, ranged and magic. A player gets this title automatically if they get all three title at once: Berserker, Battle-mage and Sharpshooter. Unique Any size
Jack-of-all-trades Completed the greatest variety of tasks Unknown Unique Any size
Kill Stealer Stole the most killing blows. Arriving late in a fight and using fast or hard-hitting weapons will do it. Unique 2 or more players
Knuckle Sandwich Dealt out damage, but never with weapons or spells. Use your fist to beat down all enemies on a floor. However, it is easiest to earn this title in a team, as most of the fighting can be done by other players. Using a pickaxe to break the Bulwark Beast's armour does not negate this title, as long as you do not inflict any damage with the pickaxe after breaking its armour. Unlimited Any size
Least Harmful Dealt the least damage. Deal less total damage than anyone on your team. The damage must be less than a certain value. Unique 2 or more players
Least I Ain't Chicken Entered a Boss room while the rest of your party were in the start room. Enter the Boss room while the rest of your team is in the starting room. Can be easily done in a duo, especially after both members die. Unlimited 2 or more players
Leecher Did not contribute at all. You must end the dungeon without earning any XP throughout it (this includes shared XP). You can, however, solve puzzles that don't give XP such as Emotes or Levers. Unlimited 2 or more players
Master Chef Cooked the most life points worth of food. Cook more food than anyone else on your team. Unlimited Any size
Master-of-none Failed the most skill tasks. Fail at least 10 or more skill tasks in a dungeon. Unique
Medic! You healed your teammates for the most life points. Use food on other people and heal the most amount (excluding yourself). Unique 2 or more players
Meat Shield Most damage taken. Tank all the hits on a floor. Unique 2 or more players
Most Deaths Exactly what it says on the tin. Die more than anyone else on the team. Unique (same number of deaths will eliminate the title for both players) Any size
M.V.P. Most Valuable Player, most skills used. Solve puzzles, use non-combat skills more than anyone else. Unique 2 or more players
Nine Lives Died eight times and completing the dungeon on the ninth life. Die exactly eight times in one dungeon. Unlimited Any size
Nothing Special You did nothing to deserve any title, except this one. Make sure not to get any other titles. You must die at least once to avoid Survivor, and deal moderate damage to avoid Least Damage. Non-combat activities should be avoided. Unlimited 2 or more players
One Hit Wonder You demonstrated your incredible strength by destroying every monster in the dungeon (with the exception of the boss) in one crushing blow. Kill all the monsters in the dungeon in one hit (except the boss). Set the dungeon for complexity 1. Unlimited Any size
Party Magician Cast a lot of non-combat spells but otherwise dealt no damage. Cast a variety of spells, make sure no combat spells are used to deal any damage. Unique 2 or more players
Rest in Peace Put the most spirits to rest. Use ten bones or more on an altar. Unlimited (two people using same number of bones will both get the title) Any size
Sharp Shooter Most ranged damage dealt. Hit more ranged damage than any other player on your team. Dealing any ranged damage in solo raiding automatically gains this title. Unique Any size
Spontaneous Combustion Death by attempting to burn log-covered door and failing. Attempt to clear the debris while having less than 10% of your life points. Unlimited Any size
Survivor Did not die. Play well, do not die. Unlimited Any size
Tele-Fail Most people teleport away from their current location. Not you. Use the Gatestone Teleport while it is in the same room as you, thus not teleporting you any great distance away. Unlimited Any size
The Gate Escape Used a Gatestone to escape a Boss on low health. Teleport out of the boss room while you have less than 10% of your life points remaining. It may be a good idea to use up your food first. This is easiest to achieve against the Warped Gulega by intentionally getting hit by its special attack then immediately teleporting out. Unlimited Any size
Too Little, Too Late You tried to save someone from death by using a heim crab, but it was too late. Use a heim crab on a teammate after their life points reach 0. Unlimited 2 or more players
Uneconomical Alcher Wasted the most money through alchemy. Buy stuff from the shop and alch it, alch your fire or nature runes. Unique Any size
Untouchable Did not take any damage but dealt damage. Don't get hit at all. You need a team to do it easily, but just hit some damage and stay out of the way. Unlimited Any size
Vengeance is Mine! Kill the boss with Vengeance spells effect Get the boss very low on life points and then cast Vengeance. Vengeance other will cause the aided player to possibly get this title. This is easy to get when fighting the Luminescent Icefiend, Sagittare, and Gravecreeper. Unlimited Any size
WoopWoopWoop! You kept up with Mod_Chris_L, blitzing through the entire dungeon and entering new rooms without fear. Do a dungeon faster than Mod_Chris_L and enter every room. Bonus rooms do not need to be entered. Unique Any size
  1. ^ Green denotes positive titles. Yellow denotes neutral titles. Red denotes negative titles.
  2. ^ Most titles involve doing a certain action more than other people. They generally have a minimum "threshold" that must be crossed, in addition to performing the action more than other players.
  3. ^ The availability is either unique or unlimited. Unique means that only one player in a party can receive the title. Unlimited means any player in a party can receive the title.

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included - see here for how to help out!
  • patch 16 February 2015 (Update):
    • Players will now only be able to gain the 'Beast Mode' accolade on complexity level 6.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The title WoopWoopWoop! is based off Dr. Zoidberg , a character from the animated television series Futurama. This is taken from the fact that Mod Chris "Did the claws" in the video Here.
  • The "I choose you!" title is a reference to Pokémon . The first episode of Pokémon was called "Pokémon, I Choose You!". Also, you have to summon 6 different familiars. Six is the maximum number of pokémon you can have in your party at a time.
  • "David" and "Goliath" titles are a reference to the story David and Goliath.
  • "I Can Has Heim Crab?" is a reference to the internet meme "I can has cheezburger?".
  • "Least I Ain't Chicken" is a reference to the internet meme "Leeroy Jenkins".
  • "The Gate Escape" is a reference to the film "The Great Escape".
  • "Knuckle Sandwich" is a reference to a name of a fighting move in a fist fight.
  • "Ha-trick" is a reference to various sports, where scoring three goals in a match is often termed a "hat-trick".
  • "It's a trap!" is a reference to Star Wars, a phrase yelled out by Admiral Ackbar.
  • "Clever Girl" is a reference to Jurassic Park, as the title's description is said verbatim about the Velociraptors in Jurassic Park.
  • "Against All Odds" refers to Phil Collins' song by the same name.
  • With the introduction of the Tool belt in Daemonheim the "Handyman" title can no longer be earned as the items are in your Tool belt, not your inventory.
  • Berserker, Battle-mage, Sharp Shooter, and It's Too Easy! titles will count damage nullified, e.g. by Sagittare's Protect from Missiles.