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A Strength level is sometimes needed to force the bar on a barred door or push a barrel in a puzzle room. Some doors have a requirement of level 99 and higher strength to open. This is not a glitch; by drinking potions you may obtain the level required to open the door. However, doors with requirement of level 100 or more are not strictly members only, as they have been encountered in free to play worlds when soloing dungeons. As the player needs to use potions to get through this door, only members can pass a door with a level requirement of more than 100.

The strength door.

Warning: Turning on shared experience while opening the strength door will possibly give strength experience, in turn increasing strength level unintentionally.

Weaponry[edit | edit source]

Strength is also used to wield all mauls in Daemonheim at their prospective levels as well as provide the normal function of determining maximum hit.

Tier Image Weapon Strength Level Requirement
1 Novite maul.png Novite 1
2 Bathus maul.png Bathus 10
3 Marmaros maul.png Marmaros 20
4 Kratonite maul.png Kratonite 30
5 Fractite maul.png Fractite 40
6 Zephyrium maul.png Zephyrium 50
7 Argonite maul.png Argonite 60
8 Katagon maul.png Katagon 70
9 Gorgonite maul.png Gorgonite 80
10 Promethium maul.png Promethium 90
11 Primal maul.png Primal 99