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A furnace and anvils on the frozen floors.

Smithing is used in Dungeoneering to make armour, weapons, and other metal equipment, and also to open skill doors. Free players require level 59 Smithing to smith all equipment and members require level 99 Smithing to smith all equipment in respective worlds.

Smithing during Dungeoneering was not affected by the Mining and Smithing rework and retained the old system. Major differences this causes with the surface smithing system include: Dungeoneering Smithing is much faster, smelting bars give more experience than the surface, and equipment requires a varied and slightly higher Smithing level to create compared to the level required to smelt the bar, instead of all being exactly the same level if they are the same tier.

For the equipment that is made using the bars, see Dungeoneering/Smithing tables.

Opening Doors[edit | edit source]

A door requiring smithing to be opened.

Smithing in Dungeoneering allows players to repair a broken key on certain doors in order to unlock them, that cannot be unlocked with the coloured shapes found throughout the dungeons. The greatest level required to open a door is level 105. All doors in the main path are unlockable by at least one player in team. Failure to repair the key on doors will cause player to hit him/herself with the hammer instead and be dealt large damage. It's possible to die while attempting this puzzle, but it is rare.

Puzzle rooms[edit | edit source]

Smithing is required to smith battleaxes for Fremennik camp puzzle room. A hammer is available on your tool belt, or alternatively can be bought from the smuggler, or obtained from the scout by going through a conversation.

Smithing is also required to repair grapple hooks for the chasm room.

Bar types[edit | edit source]

Tier Product Level Smelting XP Smithing XP Smelting + Smithing XP Cost/XP (Smelting) Cost/XP (Smelting+Smithing)
1 Novite bar.png Novite bar 1 7 10 to 14.5 17 to 21.5 −75 −24.4 to −30.9
2 Bathus bar.png Bathus bar 10 13.3 19 to 23.5 32.3 to 36.8 −127.8 −46.2 to −52.6
3 Marmaros bar.png Marmaros bar 20 19.6 28 to 32.5 47.6 to 52.1 −204.1 −76.8 to −84
4 Kratonite bar.png Kratonite bar 30 25.9 37 to 41.5 62.9 to 67.4 −254.8 −97.9 to −104.9
5 Fractite bar.png Fractite bar 40 32.2 46 to 50.5 78.2 to 82.7 −378.9 −147.5 to −156
6 Zephyrium bar.png Zephyrium bar 50 38.5 55 to 59.5 93.5 to 98 −461 −181 to −189.9
7 Argonite bar.png Argonite bar P2P icon.png 60 44.8 64 to 68.5 108.8 to 113.3 −596 −235.7 to −245.4
8 Katagon bar.png Katagon bar P2P icon.png 70 51.1 73 to 77.5 124.1 to 129.6 −691.8 −272.8 to −284.9
9 Gorgonite bar.png Gorgonite bar P2P icon.png 80 57.4 82 to 86.5 139.4 to 143.9 −1,001.7 −399.6 to −412.5
10 Promethium bar.png Promethium bar P2P icon.png 90 63.7 91 to 95.5 154.7 to 159.2 −1,601.3 −640.7 to −659.3

Temporary boosts[edit | edit source]

Potion Image Level Herb Second Ingredient XP Effect
Weak artisan's potion Weak artisan's potion 27 Herblore ValerianValerian Red moss.pngRed moss 68.5 Boosts Smithing, Crafting, Fletching, Construction, and Firemaking by 3 + 2% of levels
Artisan's potion Artisan's potion.png 60 Herblore MagebaneMagebane Red moss.pngRed moss 131 Boosts Smithing, Crafting, Fletching, Construction, and Firemaking by 4 + 4% of levels
Strong artisan's potion Strong artisan's potion 93 Herblore LycopusLycopus Red moss.pngRed moss 253 Boosts Smithing, Crafting, Fletching, Construction, and Firemaking by 6 + 6% of levels
  • Note: Effect formula always rounds down to nearest whole number

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included - see here for how to help out!
  • patch 31 August 2011 (Update):
    • The Smithing interface in Dungeoneering on complexity 3 no longer gives invisible options.