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The Dungeoneering skill incorporates every other skill in the game. Below are tables showing skills used, levels required and other info. Through the use of potions, most skills can be boosted in Daemonheim, often by significantly more than would be possible on the surface. Gathering from resource spots and unlocking skill doors will respect all these boosts, frequently rendering Herblore very useful.

While Free-to-play players could train member's skills up to level 5, none of them could be used in Daemonheim, with the exception of harvesting Pale wisps and weaving Portent of restoration I (Dungeoneering) and Portent of passage I.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Image Skill Description
Agility (Dungeoneering).png
Agility Used to disarm doors.
Attack (Dungeoneering).png
Attack Used to defeat the various creatures with accuracy in melee distance.
Constitution (Dungeoneering).png
Constitution Used to take more damage before death, and increase the healing effects of food.
Construction (Dungeoneering).png
Construction Used to build certain things in the base.
A player cooking fish
Cooking Used to cook raw fish on a fire or range to prepare food that can be used to heal.
A player crafting armour
Crafting Used to make ranged and magic armour from raw materials. Also used to fix pulleys in broken doors so that you can open them, and to craft stone weapons for statues so you can pass the room.
Defence (Dungeoneering).png
Defence Used to take less damage.
A player harvesting energy
Divination Used to create Portents of passage and Portents of restoration. Portents of passage allow players to open doors for which requirements aren't met. Portents of restoration offer automatic healing effects in combat.
A player harvesting flowers
Farming Used to grow food and potion ingredients in farm patches. Also used to prune vines away from doors.
A player making a fire
Firemaking Used to set fire to branches, allowing you to cook food on them. Also used to burn log piles blocking doors so you can open them.
A player fishing for raw food
Fishing Used to collect raw food from fishing spots located around the dungeon. Also used for certain puzzle rooms.
Fletching (Dungeoneering).png
Fletching Used to make bows, arrow shafts, staves and hunter traps.
A player making potions
Herblore Used to create potions from ingredients bought/found in the dungeons, also used to open doors.
A player hunting a creature
Hunter Used to set traps made with the Fletching skill.
A workbench used to create devices
Invention Used to create useful devices to assist progress.
A player dispelling a magical barrier
Magic Used to dispel the barriers on certain doors, as well as its normal use in combat, teleportation, alchemy, etc.
A player mining some ore
Mining Used to harvest ore from rocks, used in some events to mine stone from rubble. And destroy rock piles blocking doorways.
A player and an prayer altar
Prayer Used for exorcising dark spirits from certain doors so that you may pass through them, as well as its normal use in combat.
Ranged (Dungeoneering).png
Ranged Used to defeat enemies from afar.
A player making runes using rune essence
Runecrafting Used to craft runes to be used in spells, as well as imbue staffs. Also used in puzzles to activate crystals, and to imbue rune energy into doors so that you can open them.
A player slaying a cave crawler
Slayer Used for slaying some special creatures that require a slayer level, and have special drops.
A player smithing metal bars into useful items
Smithing Used to turn ore into melee armour, melee weapons and arrow tips, or create tools for harvesting raw material. Also used to repair keys for some doors.
Strength (Dungeoneering).png
Strength Used to hit higher in melee distance, thus defeating enemies faster.
A player with a summoned familiar
Summoning Used to infuse and summon familiar pouches, allowing them to fight for you through the dungeon. Also used to dismiss rogues blocking some doors.
A player thieving a chest
Thieving Used to open some chests which contain items.
A player cutting a tree
Woodcutting Used to cut wood from various trees and growths around the dungeon. Also used to chop away logs blocking doors so you can open them.