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The following is a complete list of Dungeoneering rewards.

Toolbelt items[edit | edit source]

Image Name Members Required levels Token cost Effect
Bonecrusher Bonecrusher Yes 21 Prayer
21 Dungeoneering
34,000 If you have a bonecrusher in your inventory, toolbelt or pocket, monsters that always drop bones will instead be destroyed by the Bone Crusher and provide Prayer experience as if you had buried them. This also works for hunter creatures that always give bones when their traps are checked.
Herbicide Herbicide Yes 21 Herblore
21 Dungeoneering
34,000 When this item is held (like the bonecrusher), you will not receive grimy herbs as a drop. These herbs will be burned for 2x the exp of cleaning them. It will only burn herbs you select it to burn and you can select these by interacting with the herbicide. This item is helpful when fighting monsters like Chaos Druids or slayer tasks that drop many herbs.
Charming Imp Charming Imp Yes 21 Summoning
21 Dungeoneering
100,000 The charming imp collects charms before they drop on the ground, putting them instantly in your inventory. Similarly to the bonecrusher automatically yielding Prayer experience and herbicide yielding Herblore experience, the charming imp will convert unwanted charms into Summoning experience if the player chooses the option. Alternatively and by default, the imp will simply collect charms that have been dropped.
Charming Imp Gold accumulator Yes 60 Dungeoneering 20,000 This item adds coins that are dropped directly to your money pouch. It costs 20,000 tokens and degrades to dust after 1,000,000 coins collected. A Gold accumulator overcharge can be bought for 250,000 tokens which allows your gold accumulator to collect an additional 5,000,000.
Advanced gold accumulator Advanced gold accumulator Yes 60 Dungeoneering 1,500,000 Like the gold accumulator, the Advanced gold accumulator adds coins that are dropped from monsters you kill directly to your money pouch. However this item does not degrade, but will consume 10% of the gold you picked up. It costs 1,500,000 tokens to unlock.

Scrolls[edit | edit source]

Image Name Members Required levels Token cost Effect
Scroll of life Scroll of life Yes 25 Farming
25 Dungeoneering
10,000 Harvesting either a live or dead non-tree non-flower patches will have a 10% chance of giving the seeds you planted back. The behaviour is slightly different for dead herb patches where the seed you receive will be random (alive herb patches will not give random seeds). When harvesting tree patches, you will have a 5% chance of getting a seed back when clearing a tree.
Scroll of cleansing Scroll of cleansing Yes 49 Herblore
49 Dungeoneering
20,000 Permanent 1/8 chance of creating a potion twice as fast as usual and a 1/10 chance of receiving a herb or secondary ingredient back.
Scroll of efficiency Scroll of efficiency No 55 Smithing
55 Dungeoneering
20,000 When completing a smithing object, for every bar used to make it (every bar in the recipe, not every bar it contains) there is a 2% chance for that bar to be immediately refunded. This can refund multiple bars from a single item.
Scroll of quick teleportation Scroll of quick teleportation No 60 Dungeoneering 50,000 Permanently unlocks the quick home teleport spell (works only in Dungeoneering floors and Sinkholes).
Scroll of dexterity Scroll of dexterity No 60 Crafting
60 Dungeoneering
20,000 Permanent chance to save one ingredient when crafting an item that requires three or more of the same ingredient. The chance to retain an item is related to the Crafting level required to create the item.
Scroll of proficiency Scroll of proficiency Yes 60 Construction
60 Dungeoneering
20,000 Permanent chance to save a plank when constructing an item that requires three or more planks. This chance is dependent on the planks being used, as follows:
Scroll of renewal Scroll of renewal Yes 65 Prayer
65 Dungeoneering
38,000 Access to Rapid Renewal (reduces the interval between natural healing to the user's Life points from 6 seconds to 1.2).
Scroll of Daemonheim Scroll of Daemonheim Yes 70 Dungeoneering 30,000 Permanent chance to gain an additional 5% experience in Dungeoneering when performing any skilling action in Daemonheim.
Scroll of gathering Scroll of gathering Yes N/A 80,000 Permanentely gain 25% additional experience from all gathering activities while in Daemonheim.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Weaponry[edit | edit source]

Gravite weaponry[edit | edit source]

Gravite equipment initially comes with a 20% charge. A fully recharged gravite weapon will last 10 hours in combat before it cannot be used. Once these charges have been used up, the weapon can be recharged, for a fee, by the rewards trader. To do so, right-click on him, and select 'Recharge' with the depleted weapon in your inventory.

There are two methods of recharging: cash, or a combination of cash and dungeoneering tokens. A cash repair will cost you up to 1 million coins (for a weapon with no charge at all). A combination of cash and tokens will cost you up to 100,000 coins and a number of dungeoneering tokens (for a weapon with no charge at all).

Any Gravite weapon costs 40,000 tokens.

ItemTypeMain-handOff-handAttributeStyle bonus
Gravite rapier.pngGravite rapierMelee weakness icon.png MeleeStab673983---------
Off-hand gravite rapier.pngOff-hand gravite rapierMelee weakness icon.png Melee---Stab336983------
Gravite longsword.pngGravite longswordMelee weakness icon.png MeleeSlash673983---------
Off-hand gravite longsword.pngOff-hand gravite longswordMelee weakness icon.png Melee---Slash336983------
Gravite 2h sword.pngGravite 2h swordMelee weakness icon.png MeleeSlash1229983---------
Gravite wand.pngGravite wandMagic weakness icon.png MagicNone-983---------
Gravite orb.pngGravite orbMagic weakness icon.png Magic---None-983------
Gravite staff.pngGravite staffMagic weakness icon.png MagicNone-983---------
Gravite knife.pngGravite knifeRanged weakness icon.png RangedThrown528983---------
Off-hand gravite knife.pngOff-hand gravite knifeRanged weakness icon.png Ranged---Thrown264983------
Gravite chargebow.pngGravite chargebowRanged weakness icon.png RangedArrow482983---------

Chaotic equipment[edit | edit source]

Members only. Each chaotic weapon starts at 20% charge. A fully recharged chaotic weapon will last 10 hours in combat before it cannot be used. Once these charges have been used up, the weapon can be recharged, for a fee, by the rewards trader. To do so, right-click on him, and select 'Recharge' with the depleted weapon in your inventory.

There are two methods of recharging: cash, or a combination of cash and dungeoneering tokens. A cash repair will cost you up to 2 million coins (for a weapon with no charge at all). A combination of cash and tokens will cost you up to 200,000 coins and 20,000 dungeoneering tokens (for a weapon with no charge at all). These costs are halved for off-hand weapons.

Any Chaotic weapon costs 200,000 tokens, except the off-hand weapons which cost 100,000 tokens. The Chaotic claws are enhanced Dragon claws, requiring 5 chaotic spikes each, and the Chaotic spear is an enhanced Zamorakian spear, requiring 10 chaotic spikes.

ItemTypeMain-handOff-handAttributeStyle bonus
Chaotic rapier.pngChaotic rapierMelee weakness icon.png MeleeStab9801924---------
Off-hand chaotic rapier.pngOff-hand chaotic rapierMelee weakness icon.png Melee---Stab4901924------
Chaotic longsword.pngChaotic longswordMelee weakness icon.png MeleeSlash9801924---------
Off-hand chaotic longsword.pngOff-hand chaotic longswordMelee weakness icon.png Melee---Slash4901924------
Chaotic claw.pngChaotic clawMelee weakness icon.png MeleeSlash7681924---------
Off-hand chaotic claw.pngOff-hand chaotic clawMelee weakness icon.png Melee---Slash3841924------
Chaotic maul.pngChaotic maulMelee weakness icon.png MeleeCrush17881924---------
Chaotic staff.pngChaotic staffMagic weakness icon.png MagicNone-1924---------
Chaotic crossbow.pngChaotic crossbowRanged weakness icon.png RangedBolt-1924---------
Off-hand chaotic crossbow.pngOff-hand chaotic crossbowRanged weakness icon.png Ranged---Bolt-1924------
Chaotic spear.pngChaotic spearMelee weakness icon.png MeleeStab17881924---------

The chaotic crossbow can fire bolts of all current levels.

The chaotic weapons and shields are the few rewards that you can actually get at its required level, seeing as 2,000,000 xp in a skill is level 80.

Chaotic add-ons[edit | edit source]

Some rewards with the word "Chaotic" in their name can be combined with other items to create new weapons. Chaotic spike 5.png 5 chaotic spikes are used with each dragon claw to create chaotic claws. 10 spikes are used with a Zamorakian spear or its lucky version to create the chaotic spear. Each spike costs 20,000 tokens.

Chaotic splint.png The chaotic splint combined with an Ancient emblem creates an Ancient defender. The splint costs 150,000 tokens.

Nature and law staves[edit | edit source]

These staves store up to 1,000 nature or law runes. When casting spells that use these runes, there is a 1/10 chance that a rune will not be used. This means that you will save about 100 nature/law runes and get a total of approximately 1,111 uses per 1,000 if you use the ones you saved as well.

The Nature staff costs 12,500 tokens.

The Law staff costs 10,000 tokens.

Main-handOff-handAttributeStyle bonus
Nature staff.pngNature staffNone-928---------
Law staff.pngLaw staffNone-815---------

Tome of frost[edit | edit source]

The Tome of frost requires a Magic level of 48, a Dungeoneering level of 48 to purchase. It acts as an infinite stock of water runes when carried in the left hand (shield) slot.

The Tome of frost costs 43,000 tokens.

Main-handOff-handAttributeStyle bonus
Tome of frost.pngTome of frost---None-801------

Anti-poison totem[edit | edit source]

Members only. It requires 60 Defence, 70 Herblore and 60 Dungeoneering. While wielding the anti-poison totem, you cannot be poisoned. The totem does not remove any existing poison effects - if you are already poisoned then the anti-poison totem will not do anything until the poison has been cured or worn off. It is held in the left hand (shield) slot.

The Anti-poison totem costs 44,000 tokens.

Main-handOff-handAttributeStyle bonus
Anti-poison totem.pngAnti-poison totem------30-----

Shieldbow sight[edit | edit source]

The shieldbow sight can be attached to a maple, magic or elder shieldbow to increase its stats. It costs 10,000 tokens.

Main-handOff-handAttributeStyle bonus
Maple shieldbow (sighted).pngMaple shieldbow (sighted)Arrow238732---110-----
Magic shieldbow (sighted).pngMagic shieldbow (sighted)Arrow291983---196-----
Elder shieldbow (sighted).pngElder shieldbow (sighted)Arrow3441299---259-----

Dungeoneering shields[edit | edit source]

Members only. Dungeoneering shields start at 20% charge. A fully recharged dungeoneering shield will last 10 hours in combat before it cannot be used. Once these charges have been used up, the shield can be recharged, for a fee, by the rewards trader. To do so, right-click on him, and select 'Recharge' with the depleted shield in your inventory.

There are two methods of recharging: cash, or a combination of cash and dungeoneering tokens. A cash repair will cost you up to 2 million coins (for a shield with no charge at all). A combination of cash and tokens will cost you up to 200,000 coins and a number of dungeoneering tokens (for a shield with no charge at all).

Any shield costs 200,000 tokens.

ItemTypeMain-handOff-handAttributeStyle bonus
Chaotic kiteshield.pngChaotic kiteshieldMelee weakness icon.png Melee------3840----
Eagle-eye kiteshield.pngEagle-eye kiteshieldRanged weakness icon.png Ranged------3840----
Farseer kiteshield.pngFarseer kiteshieldMagic weakness icon.png Magic------3840----

Gloves[edit | edit source]

Mercenary's gloves[edit | edit source]

Members only. Requires a Ranged level of 73 and a Dungeoneering level of 73. The gloves offer slightly better defensive bonuses than the 'Barrows' gloves.

Mercenary's gloves cost 48,500 tokens.

Main-handOff-handAttributeStyle bonus
Mercenary's gloves.pngMercenary's gloves------80-----

Capes[edit | edit source]

Spirit cape[edit | edit source]

Spirit cape.png Members only. It requires 50 Defence, 50 Summoning and 50 Dungeoneering to equip. After the cape is purchased, the special move cost for combat Summoning familiars is permanently reduced by 20%. This is a passive effect and the cape does not have to be worn for this to be enabled. While worn, the cape provides a bonus of 17.3 in all combat styles and boosts your armour rating by 16.

The Spirit cape costs 45,000 tokens.

Jewelry[edit | edit source]

Amulet of zealots[edit | edit source]

Amulet of zealots.png An amulet that, when wielded, improves the effect of any prayer that boosts stats in only one skill. It comes with a -5 penalty to your prayer points.

The Amulet of zealots costs 40,000 tokens.

Arcane necklace[edit | edit source]

These necklaces boost the wearer's magic crit chance.

Main-handOff-handAttributeStyle bonus
Arcane pulse necklace.pngArcane pulse necklace-----------13
Arcane blast necklace.pngArcane blast necklace-----------24
Arcane stream necklace.pngArcane stream necklace-----------44

Farsight necklace[edit | edit source]

These necklaces boost the wearer's ranged crit chance.

Main-handOff-handAttributeStyle bonus
Farsight quick shot necklace.pngFarsight quick shot necklace----------13-
Farsight snap shot necklace.pngFarsight snap shot necklace----------24-
Farsight sniper necklace.pngFarsight sniper necklace----------44-

Brawler necklace[edit | edit source]

These necklaces boost the wearer's attack crit chance.

Main-handOff-handAttributeStyle bonus
Brawler's jab necklace.pngBrawler's jab necklace---------13--
Brawler's hook necklace.pngBrawler's hook necklace---------24--
Brawler's knockout necklace.pngBrawler's knockout necklace---------44--

Bone necklace[edit | edit source]

These necklaces restore Prayer points depending on the kind of bones buried.

ItemMain-handOff-handAttributeStyle bonus
Twisted bird skull necklace.pngTwisted bird skull necklace--------3---
Split dragontooth necklace.pngSplit dragontooth necklace--------4---
Demon horn necklace.pngDemon horn necklace--------5---

Ring of vigour[edit | edit source]

Ring of vigour.png Members only. When worn in the ring slot, it will leave the player with 10% Adrenaline (instead of 0) after using an ultimate ability.

The Ring of vigour costs 50,000 tokens.

Pets[edit | edit source]

Image Name Required levels Token cost Trivia
Sneakerpeeper Sneakerpeeper 80 Summoning
80 Dungeoneering
85,000 It eats eye of newt.
Frosty Frosty 99 Summoning
85 Dungeoneering
250,000 It is a baby Frost dragon.
Mini-blink Mini-blink 95 Dungeoneering 500,000 It is a mini Blink pet.
Hope Nibbler Hope Nibbler 101 Dungeoneering 1,000,000 It is a mini Hope devourer pet.

Other[edit | edit source]

Image Name Members Required levels Token cost Effect
Gem bag Gem bag No 25 Crafting
25 Dungeoneering
2,000 The gem bag can hold uncut gems of the following types:

Up to 100 gems can be held in this way.

Gem bag (upgraded) Gem bag (upgraded) Yes 40 Dungeoneering 20,000 Upgrades your gem bag so that it may hold 60 of each gem of types stated above, and additionally Dragonstone.png Dragonstones.
Smithing autoheater Smithing autoheater No 4,000 The Smithing autoheater is a tool used in smithing. Upon reaching 0% heat, the autoheater consumes 5 pieces of coal and reheats the item to 33%. It gives coal some use for high level users following the Mining and Smithing Rework. However, the heat going up to 33% only provides a very minor speed boost, and is significantly slower than fully reheating with the forge.
Advanced smithing autoheater Advanced smithing autoheater No 40,000 The smithing autoheater can be upgraded to an Advanced smithing autoheater. It has an overheat mode which lets it consume 50 coal from the metal bank to set the heat back to 60%.
Meilyr potion recipe Meilyr potion recipe Yes 500,000 This item unlocks one of the recipes the Meilyr clan is seeking.
Hoardstalker ring (8).png Hoardstalker ring recharge Yes 10,000 This will recharge a depleted Hoardstalker ring in your inventory.
Ring of kinship.png Ring of Kinship reset Yes 50,000 This resets the customisation of your Ring of kinship, at a cost of 50,000 tokens, however it refunds the tokens spent on customisation.
Wild card Wild card Yes 20,000 This allows the player to gain a free card upon entering a Sinkhole.
Dungeoneering experience Dungeoneering experience No 1 Dungeoneering experience may also be purchased at the rate of 1 experience per token. You may choose how many tokens you want to spend. Though this is not a good means of experience as 1 token is 10 experience gained in 1 dungeon.

One-time skip of any dungeoneering floor[edit | edit source]

Tokens can be paid to skip any unlocked floor for the current prestige cycle. Floors skipped in this manner do count for prestige total progress.

The formulas in use by Jagex are:
(for levels 1-99)
(for levels 100-119)
(for level 120)

Calculator[edit | edit source]

This is a basic calculator which calculates the token cost of skipping dungeoneering floors.

Your dung level name=skillstat_Dungeoneering_level|type=int|value=1|range=1,120|style=max-width: 50px !important;|sublist=init
Start floor name=startFloor|type=int|value=1|range=1,60|style=max-width: 50px; !important;|sublist=init
End floor name=endFloor|type=int|value=29|range=1,60|style=max-width: 50px !important;|sublist=init



} let(to," to ") if(skillstat_Dungeoneering_level<100){




} if(startFloor>endFloor){




} let(tokenResult,"Skipping floor " + startFloor2 + to + endFloor2 + " will cost: " + cumFloor*baseCost + " tokens.")

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Until an update on 21 April 2010, the prices of the items were much higher. After many requests to lower the prices from players, all items were lowered significantly. In a live Q and A, Mod Liono responded to a question regarding why the prices of rewards were lowered. "No, we did this because the token cost of the items was too high - it was calculated based on our first draft of the experience system, which changed dramatically before release. We neglected to then update the cost of reward items, and so rectified the issue with our changes."
  • If 0 is entered while buying Dungeoneering experience, the game replies with "What's the point in that?"
  • The RuneScape Game Guide used to list the Arcane stream necklace as requiring level 30 Dungeoneering to wear - this mistake has now been fixed.
  • Originally, players believed the reward shields to soak 10% damage and 20% damage listed in the shield section above, as stated in the RuneScape Knowledge Base. It was confirmed by Mod Ash on 9 November 2010 that they soak 7% damage and 14% damage instead, again as above. This upset players that bought the shields for their original abilities.
  • Three new rings, Eye of the Mage, Eye of the Warrior and Eye of the Ranger were originally planned, but were later scrapped.