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All puzzles can be found on non-members worlds, though the members-only ones will be unsolvable, thus preventing free players from obtaining access to some rooms. Puzzles are found only on Complexities 5 and 6.

Transferable resources[edit | edit source]

A list of puzzles with one or more transferable resources:

Note that the level requirements to process resources may vary between different iterations of the same room in the same dungeon, so if you can't, for example, cook vile fish for one ferret room, you might still be able to cook the fish from another ferret room (and then bring the fish back to the one you couldn't solve before.)

Non-member puzzles[edit | edit source]

Icy pressure pad (Frozen floors only)[edit | edit source]

Icy pressure pad.png
The floor is covered in a sheet of ice, along with 4 squares. To complete the puzzle, players will have to land on each of the 4 squares.
Skill requirements
The solution varies each time. Though there is no official solution (there are different puzzles) the best tactic to use is to eye yourself on an obstacle or pad, and then angle each way. You can move diagonally. Clicking on the eight squares around your player instead of on the destination will help reduce errors. You will stop if you are near an obstacle (3x3 range of the obstacle itself) or hit a tile.

If you have branches of any kind, it might be useful to light a fire to offset yourself from the corner.

Players who have the Gorajan trailblazer outfit sets will not slide across the ice and can simply run to each tile.

There is currently a bug such that a player owning the outfit can simply open the doors. This does not use the team's skip for that dungeon.

Seeker sentinel (Abandoned floors only)[edit | edit source]

Seeker Room.png
In this room, a Seeker sentinel rotates around in a circle with 4 Seeker spawns patrolling and taking large breaks at certain points. The objective of this puzzle is reach another door and/or pick a key to progress through the dungeon. If a Seeker spawn spots you, they will respond with a message appearing over their head, and the Seeker sentinel will look your way. If you are spotted, you will receive damage and be teleported behind one of the stone walls.
Skill requirements
The method to get around this room is to "subdue" the Seeker spawn when they are facing away from you, with the Seeker sentinel facing away from you too. When subdued, you can run past the Seeker spawn, into the next alcove. Continue this method until you reach the door which you need to enter. The teleportation has proven useful for progressing through the puzzle, as you are sometimes teleported next to the door. The damage dealt by the Seeker sentinel is also less than many puzzles.

Sleeping guards (Furnished floors only)[edit | edit source]

Sleeping Guards.jpg
In this room, there are 4 sleeping brute guards and each of them has a key that can possibly unlock a door.
Skill requirements
Thieving helps, but not necessarily required
You must get the right key to unlock the door(s), this can be done in 2 ways.

The first (and recommended) method is to pickpocket the guards for the keys to unlock the doors in the room, taking care to walk, not run, over the broken glass. Pickpocketing can fail, in which case all guards will wake up. This method avoids having to kill the brutes. An easy way to avoid accidentally running over the glass is to turn run off until the room is complete.

The second method is activated if the guards wake up, either by running over the broken glass, or by failing to pickpocket the guards. Each guard killed will drop its key if the key was not previously obtained through pickpocketing. If a player tries to open door without any keys, or on the rare occasion the player steps on a bottle while walking, the guards will still wake up. With multiple players attacking, the guards tend to die very quickly.

There can be multiple doors requiring keys, but each key can only unlock one of the doors. A key disappears when it is used to unlock a door.

One strategy to complete the room quickly involves pickpocketing from three close guards and hoping that they have the keys needed. When entering the room, move left to the closest corner without broken glass in the way. take one step diagonally away from the corner and Surge. Alternatively, use Bladed Dive to move diagonally through the solid obstacles. You will end up between two guards from which you can steal keys. A third guard is a short run away with no broken glass in the way. At this point, trying the keys and killing the final guard if the room is incomplete is likely faster than pickpocketing it.

Turning off run is unnecessary if care is taken. It is safe to run onto the first tile of broken glass in a 2x2 square, stop, then run straight across the remaining tile in that square, or even to the first tile of the next square. This can be used to make one's way to the right and around the corner to the three close guards quickly.

Sliding tiles[edit | edit source]

Sliding tile puzzle.png
This room contains a 3x3 grid with 8 tiles and 1 space. Each tile has a part of a picture on it. To complete the puzzle, the player must move the tiles to form the picture. The puzzle is the image that represents each floor theme, that appears on the floor of the auto-grouping rooms. This puzzle is similar to the one that appears in the Quiet Before the Swarm quest.
Skill requirements
The player must click the proper tile to move it into the empty space, eventually creating the image above. In a group, it is best for only one player to solve the puzzle while the others run to a door. Any player attempting to move an incorrect tile or moving the same tile after the first member will suffer damage. Damage may still be taken from incorrectly moving the tiles even if the puzzle is completed. A player may move a second tile before the previous tile has finished moving; it is not necessary to wait the full time between each tile.

Sliding statues[edit | edit source]

Sliding statues.png
This room has eight statues split into four groups. The southern statues will be movable, while the northern statues are stationary.
Skill requirements
The southern statues can be pushed with a left-click and pulled with a right-click. The southern statues must be matched with the northern statues to unlock the door.

Make sure to duplicate the position of the movable statues to the stationary statues, instead of mirroring them.

In addition, if two players are moving the same statue at the same time, it can glitch and the doors will not open. Attempting to push a statue onto a monster or player will result in the animation playing, but the statue not moving. To fix, move that statue one tile (north, south, east or west) until the doors click open.

It is recommended to pull statues, instead of pushing them. This allows the statues to move freely without being blocked by monsters or players.

Three statue weapon[edit | edit source]

Three statue weapon puzzle.png
This room has 3 statues that represent the combat triangle in it. Two of the statues are armed with a weapon and one of the statues is unarmed. A crumbling wall will appear on one of the edges.
Skill requirements
Mining and Crafting
The player must carve a stone weapon to give to the unarmed statue.
  1. Mine crumbling wall - receive Stone block.
  2. Carve stone block - look at the armed statues and carve the weapon that none is using. Hovering the cursor over each statue can quickly determine which weapon must be made. You can choose between a Stone sword, Stone staff, or Stone bow.
  3. Arm statue - give the weapon to the statue.

A hilarious accident might destroy the block and cause damage. In this case, the block will need to be mined again.

If players right click a block, they can choose which weapon to carve without being interrupted by combat.

If the Mining or Crafting requirement to complete the puzzle is too high, it is possible to use stone blocks obtained from another room with the same puzzle or from a room with the ten statue puzzle to complete it.

Ten statue weapon[edit | edit source]

Ten statue weapon puzzle.png
This room has two rows of up to five statues in the middle of the room. One of the rows is not armed. A chisel is in the centre of the room and a crumbling wall can be found on the side of one of the walls.
Skill requirements
Mining and Crafting
The player must carve a stone weapon for each of the statues in the unarmed row. The player must carve a weapon for each unarmed statue such that the unarmed statue would win against the armed statue according to the combat triangle.
  • If the statue uses Magic (wields a staff), arm the other statue with Bow.
  • If the statue uses Melee (wields a sword), arm the other statue with a Staff.
  • If the statue uses Range (wields a bow), arm the other statue with a Sword.
  1. Mine crumbling wall (tool belt pickaxe works) - receive stone block. You receive damage if you fail to mine the wall.
  2. Carve stone block (tool belt hammer and chisel works) - look at the opposite statue and choose best weapon according to the combat triangle (Sword beats bow, bow beats staff, staff beats sword). You can choose between a stone sword, stone staff, or stone bow.
  3. Arm statue - give the weapon to the statue.

A hilarious accident might destroy the block and cause damage. In this case, the block will need to be mined again. It can be useful to mine one or two extra blocks before running to the statues.

If you give a statue the wrong weapon, continue giving the other statues the correct weapons. After the battle, statues with correct weapons will retain their weapon and incorrectly armed statues will return to being unarmed. You can then simply give the statue(s) the right weapon.

If there is just one player, there will be 2 to 3 pairs of statues, and in general, the number of pairs roughly corresponds to the party size.

If players right click a block, they can choose which weapon to carve without being interrupted by combat.

Follow the leader[edit | edit source]

Follow the leader puzzle.png
This room contains as many whole statues as players the dungeon was intended for. The remaining statues are just broken statues. This room also contains 5 pads. The pads near the fixed statues are active and the pads near the broken statues are inactive.
Skill requirements
All 5 pads are visible on the floor, but only a number of them equal to the number on members in your party (1-5) are active. Each inactive pad is associated with a broken statue. Each player must stand on an active pad and react to the closest statue by mimicking the emote that the statue does.

There are 5 emotes (offered from a menu not from the standard emote tab):

  1. Wave
  2. Nod head
  3. Shake head
  4. Laugh
  5. Cry

All members of your party must get 3 in a row correct. Each try has a time limit to choose the correct emote. A failure to choose the right emote in the allotted time by any member of your party results in every member of your party taking some damage and having to restart the count. It is possible to avoid damage by quickly running out of the tile if a mistake is made as this will make the statues inactive, but players will need to wait in order for the emotes to be processed by the statues.

Care must be taken not to leave the pads at anytime during the puzzle as this will reset the count. Once players have made their final emotes, they must wait for the statues to call out "You may pass" before proceeding.

This puzzle will most likely prevent progress if a party member leaves the party, except when the floor is set to a lower difficulty.

The damage taken is generally insignificant for teams, but grows with more failures. However the statue still deals well over 1000 damage each time a solo player does an incorrect emote.

If the player stands on the tile less than ten seconds after combat, the emote performed by the player will not be visible, but the statue will act correctly to the emote chosen by the player.

Levers[edit | edit source]

The puzzle consists of 5 levers, each with a "Pull Switch" left-click option. Players need to pull all of them in the shortest time before a trap is triggered and levers reset, releasing gas harming the players in the room. The larger the team is, the less time there is before the gas is released.
Skill requirements
None, but high Agility and low weight can help.
To unlock the door to the next room, all of the levers must be pulled. As soon as one of the levers is pulled, all the other levers must be pulled within a certain time. If the levers are not pulled within a certain amount of time, poisonous gas will damage the player(s) and timer and levers will be reset. The more players there are, the less time the players have to pull all the levers.

Important: If you are unable to pull all five levers in the time allotted, you should stand in the centre of the room to avoid taking damage.

  • Solo scenario
    • Start on one side of the room, so that running to get all the levers will take the least amount of time.
    • If you click the next lever too fast you will skip the prior click before its lever is pulled.
    • Watch your player as it runs to the next lever. It stops, turns, and pulls the lever in three distinct actions. Be ready to click the next lever, but wait until your avatar pulls the lever before clicking the next lever.
      • If you suffer from high lag and the above does not work, try clicking the next lever a bit sooner, such as when your character is barely next to the current lever.
  • Team scenario
    • Selecting a leader for this puzzle (usually the dungeon host) will make the puzzle's completion easier. If there are fewer than five players in the room, the leader should make sure everybody is clear on which players are responsible for which levers. The leader will then announce when to pull the levers. This is typically done by a phrase like "pull", or "33333", usually with a prefixing "on 3 no count" or "3 nc". For teams that need a slower approach, the leader will typically count from 1 to 3. On 3, everyone should pull their lever. It is rare that the leader will count down from 3 to 1, but still occurs from time to time.
    • Two players pulling the same lever at the same time will Un-pull the lever, possibly relocking the room and ultimately dealing damage to all members!
    • In order to compensate for a lack of players, keep in mind that you can use gatestones.
  • 4 players in 5:5 difficulty scenario (more difficult)
    • It is possible to complete this room with four players who are doing a dungeon for five people. This can be useful to allow one person to continue an important path or to eliminate the need for a leech or AFK player. The leader will be responsible for the two levers close by each other in the corner (top-left in the picture), running to the second after pulling the first.
    • In this case, the leader might choose to say something like "Pull when I run" as a cue instead of "33333". Either way, the other players should pull their lever after the leader pulls their first lever, while running to the second. There can be some delay between clicking and the lever being pulled, so players should click as soon as possible after the leader pulls their first lever.
    • The leader must be quick when running between the two levers. There is not much time after the first lever is pulled to run to the second and pull it.
  • 3 players in 5:5 difficulty scenario (very difficult)
    • While not commonly done, it is also possible to complete this room with three players who are doing a dungeon for five people. This can be useful for the same reasons as the above section. This time, in addition to the leader pulling the two levers in the corner (top-left in the picture), another player will be responsible for both of the levers straight across from each other (top-right and bottom-right in the picture), surging to the second after pulling the first.
    • Typically, the leader, in the corner with the closest two levers, will say their cue (e.g., "33333"). They will then wait a moment for the player who is surging to react and proceed as they normally would in the four-player scenario.
    • The player responsible for the two far levers must be quick. When the leader cues to pull, they should immediately pull their lever and start running to their second lever. As soon as possible after facing the right direction, they should use surge to quickly reach the second lever and click on the lever to pull it as soon as possible after surge is activated.
    • This technique can be very difficult. It is not recommended unless there is a big benefit, such as two players having left the dungeon soon before it being completed. Failed attempts require that the cooldown of surge is finished before trying again.

Flip tiles[edit | edit source]

Flip tiles puzzle.png
To unlock the Door to the next room all tiles must be the same colour.

In the centre of the room is an overall grid of 5x5 tiles consisting of two different colours. The tiles have a Runecrafting level requirement. When right-clicked, tiles give 2 options:

  • "Imbue" - flips the imbued tile and any other tiles to the north/east/south/west of the imbued tile.
  • "Force" - flips only the tile itself, but the player receives damage. It can be reduced with an Artisan or Gatherer ring.
Skill requirements
The simplest way to solve the puzzle involves 'chasing' wrong-colour tiles down the puzzle until there is only one row of wrong-colour tiles left. To do this, start on the second row from the top (the direction you are facing does not matter), "imbuing" the tiles on the second row that are below the wrong-colour tiles on the top row. This should leave no wrong-colour tiles on the top row. Repeat this process on the third row, "imbuing" the tiles that are below the wrong-colour tiles on the second row. Do this two more times for the fourth and fifth rows. If you have done this correctly, there will only be wrong-colour tiles in the fifth (bottom) row, or, in rare cases, you will have solved the puzzle. At this point you may choose to simply "force" the remaining wrong-colour tiles on the bottom row to solve the puzzle, or, if you wish to completely avoid "forcing", you may use the following chart, followed by one more "chase", as described above, to solve the puzzle.
If these are left in the bottom row... X X "Imbue" these in the top row X X
If these are left in the bottom row... X X "Imbue" these in the top row X X
If these are left in the bottom row... X X X "Imbue" this in the top row X
If these are left in the bottom row... X X X "Imbue" this in the top row X
If these are left in the bottom row... X X X "Imbue" this in the top row X
If these are left in the bottom row... X X X "Imbue" this in the top row X
If these are left in the bottom row... X X X X "Imbue" this in the top row X

Often in large teams, players would try imbuing the tiles until only 1-3 tiles are the wrong colour (not dependent of rows), then forcing them and taking some damage. If you use this method, be sure to check that the forcing player has enough life points to endure this.

See the Wikipedia article on the game called Lights Out for some additional information on this puzzle.

See this link for a webpage that can solve for various puzzles.

If the puzzle is completed and the room is unlocked, you can toy around with the tiles. This does not re-lock the door.

Monolith[edit | edit source]

This room contains a monolith with unstable energy. It needs to be protected from the mysterious shades.
Skill requirements
None, but combat helps.
Just protect the monolith from the shades. While multiple shades can spawn at a time, they will no longer attack the monolith once players engage combat with the shades. Players should consider using AoE abilities such as Chain or Ricochet. If the shades shut the monolith off, they will die alongside it. The same happens when the monolith is fully powered. It is recommended to use a Dungeoneering lock melter or warped gorajan trailblazer outfit to skip the room.

Ghosts[edit | edit source]

Ghost puzzle.png
This room contains several ghosts who seem to be normal enemies, but one of them contains a spirit.
Skill requirements
None, though high combat skills will finish this puzzle faster.
To complete this puzzle, you must defeat all the ghosts. The ghosts are invincible unless the spirit moves inside them, after which they can be harmed. When the ghost possessing the spirit dies, the spirit will move to the closest ghost. If the ghost is not killed in time, the spirit will move to a random ghost. Unlike the ghosts of the Occult floors, the ghosts here have 50% reduced health and cannot damage the player with their magic attacks, but are capable of doing so with melee.

One ghost will have the spirit before it visibly enters a new ghost. It is recommended for those trying to do the room as quickly as possible to attack ghosts at random in the hope of dealing damage to one, meaning that one has the spirit, without initially waiting for the spirit.

Suspicious grooves[edit | edit source]

Suspicious grooves.png
Three lines of suspicious grooves are found on the ground, separating the entrance from the rest of the room.
Skill requirements
There is one safe path through the grooves; stepping on trapped tiles will result in spikes springing up and impaling the player's foot for up to 40% of their health as damage. The gatherer ring can help reduce damage. If players are going to randomly guess the safe path, it is recommended to have lots of food to avoid dying. Once a trap is triggered, it will stay as such.

Players can investigate the trap to determine if the tiles are trapped or not. If the investigated tile is sure to contain a trap, players will automatically set it off from a distance, with a game message stating "There's definitely a trap here. You set it off from a distance." If the investigated tile does not contain a trap, a game message will state "There's definitely no trap here."

The Barricade ability prevents damage from triggering the spikes, making it useful when a player wishes to do the room quickly without a risk of dying. However, this is impractical due to its short duration and adrenaline requirement considering how few monsters there are in Dungeoneering.

Crystal puzzle[edit | edit source]

Crystal Puzzle.png
This room contains four lodestones: one red, one yellow, one green, and one blue. One or more may already be active. The inactive ones will require varying Magic levels to power up. This room also contains a large crystal, 4 lights continually moving towards the crystal and 4 pressure pads.
Skill requirements
Magic (unless all 4 lodestones are already charged)
To solve this puzzle, you must stop all 4 lights on the large crystal. If you step onto one of the 4 pressure pads, the corresponding light will stop moving until you step off, this includes if it is in the crystal. Once you step off the pad it will start moving again.

Solo players - You need to synchronise the lights so that they hit the crystal all at the same time. Stepping on and off the pressure pad starts and stops them. Once all 4 hit the crystal at the same time, the lock will open.

A good strategy is to stand on a pressure pad while watching another colour—when the other colour is just before the Large Crystal, just off the second to last spot—step off the pressure pad. The idea is to synchronise that other colour with the one you are controlling. When two colours are synchronised move to the third, then the fourth, opening the doors.

A better strategy is to first choose a colour. Now, stand by an inactive stone, and when the colour chosen is in the middle, activate it. If done correctly, both colours will be synchronised. Be sure to let other teammates know which colours to trap in the middle and which you have synchronised.

The last colour can easily be finished by stepping on it while it is in the centre crystal and waiting for the other colours to meet.

Another strategy is to wait near a pressure pad and step on it as soon as it is one space away from the crystal. This will cause the light to stop as soon as it reaches the crystal.

Also, you can try having 3 of them at the same time, and one not coming in. This will also solve the puzzle without wasting a small amount of time.

In teams of 3+ players you can have all three players stand on a different pad and trapping 3 lights in the centre. when the 4th light moves into the centre the doors will unlock.

In rare occasions the puzzle will already be solved and doors open when you enter the room.

Toxin maze[edit | edit source]

Toxin maze.png
A maze with long, tight corridors blocked by magical doors in which the player must reach the centre before poison gas kills them.
Skill requirements
Next to the entrance of the room is a switch that must be pulled to progress. When pulled, a countdown starts until a toxin spreads through the room, dealing continuous damage. There is a chest in the centre of the room that will stop the toxin and remove the obstacles, but this is never necessary for reaching the doors. If the player is able to unlock the chest without using up the grace time, they will be rewarded with some items. Upon completion of the puzzle, all obstacles within the maze will disappear. Free players will sometimes encounter members only treasure in the chest. In that case nothing will be gained. All maze centres are reachable, but a long path is often needed to reach the centre.

As such, if the maze does not contain a key in the chest room, then just make your way to the doors and set gatestones past the room if necessary to avoid navigating the toxin-filled maze.

After a while, the toxin graphic disappears but will continue to deal damage in the room. If you are stuck in the maze, Dungeon Home Teleport can be used to get out without being interrupted by the damage.

Pondskaters[edit | edit source]

Pondskater Area.png
The room contains four swimming Pondskaters. One Pondskater has the key required to open the door. Upon catching the Pondskater with the right key, the door automatically unlocks.
Skill requirements
Click the Pondskater with the key to retrieve it. This does not require feathers. This can only be attempted when a Pondskater is at the edge of the water. If the wrong one is clicked, it will bite the player and will continue to swim around. The correct pondskater yawns when they assemble in the middle of the pond, visibly holding a key on its tongue. It will always be in the southwest position when this happens.

There is a chance that the Pondskater will not bite. Keep trying and it will eventually produce the key.

The correct pondskater is always the one which spawns in the south west of the group. If you are quick to look when you open the door, you may be able to see the correct one before they spread out. This can significantly decrease time taken to solve the puzzle.

When the key is obtained, the pondskater which held it will not move again, and there will be no reaction when trying to fish from any pondskater again.

Pondskater with key yawning

Fishing ferret[edit | edit source]

Ferret on an Island.png
A ferret is on an island surrounded by water with a fishing spot in it. Players must catch and cook vile fish on the provided fire. Players then must throw the cooked fish onto tiles in the island, leading the ferret to the pressure plate and avoiding holes.
Skill requirements
Fishing, Cooking, and Ranged
  1. Buy feathers if you do not have any already. It is recommended to have feathers for every floor. Players may also make use of Prawn Perks if they have unlocked them.
  2. Catch some raw vile fish. One more than the puzzle requires is usually a good number. If you fail, you may receive damage from a "hilarious" accident.
  3. Cook them into vile fish. If you fail, the raw vile fish will disappear from your inventory.
  4. Toss the fish onto tiles to lure the ferret to move in a path that avoids the holes and to the pressure pad.
  • Only the first 3 fished vile fish gives Fishing experience.
  • This puzzle provides only Cooking and Fishing experience, no Ranged experience.
  • You can use vile fish caught in one puzzle to lure the ferret in another of these puzzles (if it is in the same dungeon). As a result, if you come across a puzzle with too high of a Fishing, Cooking or Ranged requirement, and there is another puzzle with lower requirement, stock up on vile fish from the less demanding puzzle to clear the more demanding puzzle.
  • Ferrets can, and will move diagonally. You do not have to limit yourself to 90° angles. The ferret will move diagonally to its direction before heading straight (north, west, east, or south). With this in mind, all puzzles should take 2-3 cooked vile fish to complete.
  • You can throw the second vile fish right after the first one landed. You do not have to wait for the ferret to move. It has a good memory and will follow the order in which you are throwing the fish. However, throwing the second fish too quickly can cause the ferret to stay put on the first fish's tile, requiring another throw.
  • Two players throwing a fish at the same time can cause the ferret to move to the plate without completing the room. In this case, throw one more fish onto the plate to complete the puzzle.
  • Very rarely, this room will not have a fire. Any other fire, such as one made from gathered logs, will work in this case.

Coloured ferrets[edit | edit source]

Coloured ferret.png
In this room, there are 5 coloured ferrets wandering around and 5 coloured plates on the ground, and each ferret has a plate of its colour. The goal is to lure each ferret to the plate with the same colour as it.
Skill requirements
This puzzle requires patience to learn. Ferrets will attempt to move away from any player within a two-square radius. Hence standing 1 square south of a ferret will make it walk two squares north away from you, resulting in it being 3 squares away from where you are standing. Ferrets stuck in a corner of a room or against a wall might need to be scared so that they randomly move 2 to 3 spaces, hopefully to a spot in which they are no longer trapped against a wall. Alternatively, one could move onto the space where the ferret is standing to make it move away, but this does not always work. It is best left to one or two experienced players to finish this room so that others do not interfere with their work.

Once a ferret steps into its plate, it becomes immobile and you do not need to worry about it any more. In doing so, the plate becomes an obstacle instead of a tile on which players can walk. Once all the ferrets are in their plates, the doors in the room open.

It is recommended to use a lock melter or gorajan trailbrazer outfit to skip the room.

Magical construct[edit | edit source]

Magical construct.png
Near the entrance of the room is a construct in need of repair and a Crate of magic rocks. Take the Lump of stone, cut them into the appropriate missing piece of the damaged construct with a chisel (Crafting level required), imbue them with the appropriate Runecrafting level and then charge up the construct (requires a Magic level). The rune construct will then slowly unlock all the walls (Rune covered door) in the room. As with all puzzles, players will take moderate to severe damage if they fail.
Skill requirements
Crafting, Runecrafting, and Magic
  1. Take a Lump of stone from the crate of magic rocks.
  2. Examine the damaged construct to find out which part is missing. A harder way is just rotate the view and watch the missing part.
  3. Carve lump of stone into Arm, Leg, or head (failure deals some amount of damage as "you have a hilarious accident with the hammer and chisel, destroying the block in the process.") This causes extremely high damage unlike the other stones.
  4. Imbue the carved part (Spare construct arm (u), Spare construct leg (u), Spare construct head (u)). Failure to imbue will cause moderate to heavy damage to player attempting and destroy the carved stone.
  5. Repair construct - attaches new part to the damaged construct (Spare construct arm, Spare construct leg, Spare construct head).
  6. Charge Dormant construct - "You charge the construct with magical energy and it springs to life." As mentioned failure will cause moderate to heavy damage with a drained Magic level.

Prioritise fixing the construct before killing enemies and usually before getting a key in the centre of the room. The construct takes considerable time to walk around the room and it is good to have something to do in that time.

If you do not have the level to craft or imbue the body part, you can use a block from a different construct room in the same dungeon.

If players right click on a lump of stone, they can choose what to carve it into. This avoid combat from interfering.

Lodestone power[edit | edit source]

Lodestone power puzzle.png
A purple power crystal will appear in front of a puzzle of stepping stones. The power crystal needs to be taken to the centre to charge the lodestone to unlock the doors.
Skill requirements
Agility (F2P players may still be able to complete this)
Take a power key across numerous stepping stones. A floating orb will move towards a player whenever they make a move. Players may only move north, east, south or west while the orb may only move diagonally. Orbs capturing players will deposit them on the outside of the puzzle and deal heavy damage. By crossing strategically a player may activate the lodestone in the centre with the power key.

If you are carrying the group gatestone, drop it before starting the puzzle. Placing the group gatestone or a personal gatestone at the start also allows you to teleport there if you stumble, or to return quickly from the middle once the puzzle is complete.

The optimal strategy is only a little riskier than the others. First, jump to the first middle pillar. Now, jump to the second and pay attention to the direction the orb moves. If you have a free gatestone, it is highly advisable to place it here, in the centre. Next, jump sideways one pillar away from the orb. Lastly, jump 2 pillars straight forward to the end of the puzzle. If you make it to the final jump, it is advisable to place a gatestone there instead.

If you stumble and return to the start, a gatestone will mitigate the time lost. Teleport back to the gatestone and place it again. If you placed one at the final jump, simply teleport back and jump across. If your gatestone is in the middle, the orb will either block your path directly or be behind you. If it is blocking you, there are two options. First, you can teleport away and then teleport back (repeat as many times as necessary) in the hopes that the orb is now behind you. Second, you can jump sideways once and then back once, then teleport to your gatestone again and jump straight forward twice to the lodestone.

A safer strategy requires a gatestone. Jump to the first pillar on either side and drop a gatestone. Jump back and then jump to the pillar on the opposite side of the puzzle. This will cause the orb to spawn in front of you. Teleport to your gatestone. Create another gatestone and drop it. The orb will stay on the same side of the puzzle, allowing you to very easily jump across with no threat of being caught, even if you stumble multiple times. To return, teleport to your gatestone and make one jump back to the start.

The naive strategy for this puzzle offers little to no benefit over the above strategies:

Dungeoneering lodestone power puzzle solution.png

Start on the leftmost platform and jump to the first pillar. Once you do that, the orb will appear on a pillar in front of you. Head all the way right then all the way to the end platform. You should bypass the orb as you only need three jumps to go from one side to the other whereas the orb needs five.

Guardian sphere.png

Teams must ensure that only ONE player (usually in possession of the power key) is on the stepping stones. An orb is spawned for each player that stands on the stones and can affect anyone that comes into contact, jeopardizing the puzzle.

This puzzle can be skipped with the warped gorajan trailblazer outfit.

Collapsing room[edit | edit source]

In this room, several piles of rocks will be blocking your exit. The rocks need to be mined to complete the room. The largest two rocks can be mined and removed completely, however, the smallest two (and one for the middle rock on one side) will respawn and drop down again causing large damage to the player if they are underneath, unless the frames have been fixed.
Skill requirements
Mining; Construction helps, but is not required
The solution is to mine the rocks to reach the doors. If you will need to cross again in the future, the collapsing frame that is supposed to be holding the rocks up can be repaired for quicker travel. The frame cannot be repaired on F2P worlds due to a Construction requirement, but players can still quickly run past the rocks after they are mined. The rocks often provide good Mining experience, so mining them all can be beneficial to solo players.

If a gatestone is placed where rocks later fall, it will become inaccessible until those rocks are mined away. Be careful not to put the group gatestone, or your own, where rocks could fall.

If you do not have one of the requirements for a small rock, try mining the other small rock instead. It will almost always have a different requirement.

Small rocks will respawn very shortly after having been mined for the first time. Be quick to move on or repair the frame. If time is an issue, you can step back and wait a few seconds until the rock has respawned. Now mine again and fix the frame.

Winch bridge[edit | edit source]

Winch bridge.png
There is a wide gap between the entrance to the room and the door on the other side. You must use the materials found within the room the create a bridge to walk across. There are usually monsters on the other side.
Skill requirements
Smithing, Crafting, Ranged, and Strength
Grab an item from both boxes in the room and use the meatcorn (leaf-like item) on the spinning wheel to get a rope. Then use the broken hook on the anvil. Now use the two items on each other to make a grapple hook. Grapple the other ledge and use the winch to pull the bridge across. If throwing the grapple fails, the grapple will be lost. Making two at once is generally recommended.

The Crafting and Smithing requirements are based on which anvil/spinning wheel you use, NOT where the meatcorn/broken hook was obtained from. The Ranged level needed to throw the grapple is tied to the bridge, not the grapple itself, so using a grapple obtained from another room will not work to bypass a Ranged level requirement that is too high.

Have two players make a climbing hook and then have them both throw it at approximately the same time. If done correctly, the bridge will extend despite the winch not being used. Besides being faster, this is especially useful for bonus rooms after a player's Overload effect has ended because it guarantees that a winch requiring 100+ Strength to use will not require a potion. It is also useful in cases where players' Strength levels have been drained to the point where they cannot use the winch.

The action of making the rope can fail, but will not require a new meatcorn. However, failing to make the climbing hook head will require a new broken hook. Therefore, it is recommended to get two broken hooks.

Ramokee familiars[edit | edit source]

Obelisk room.png
There is a large obelisk in the centre of the room that is home to four ramokee familiars: Ramokee skinweaver, Ramokee deathslinger, Ramokee stormbringer, Ramokee bloodrager. There may also be other monsters inside as well.
Skill Requirements
None, but combat helps.
Defeat all monsters to continue. For teams, it is important that the team works together and kills each one as a group.

Kill the Ramokee skinweaver first since it heals the other Ramokees. The skinweaver and stormbringer are weak to arrows, the deathslinger is weak to stab, and the bloodrager is weak to water spells.

The skinweaver always spawns in the northeast corner upon opening the room. The bloodrager can be stunned, bound, or trapped behind the obelisk or a monster while attacking the other enemies. Using Deflect/Protect from Summoning does reduce the damage taken.

Mercenary leader[edit | edit source]

Mercenary Leader.png
The room has a mercenary leader with some backup minions that teleport in and out.
Skill Requirements
To complete the room, kill the mercenary leader. Focus on killing the leader only. It may be a good idea to have the party leader mark it. Once it is dead, the summoned minions can either be killed or left to teleport away.

Finish killing the mercenary leader as quickly as possible after opening the room. It is useful to use abilities that are high damage-per-second against the mercenary leader, such as Shadow tendrils. The more quickly the leader is killed, the fewer minions will be summoned.

Killing the minions is often much faster than leaving the room and waiting for them to teleport away. However, leaving the room means you will suffer less damage.

It is possible to open and enter a door after killing the leader, but while the minions are still in the process of teleporting into the room. This is often very hard to achieve, however.

If you have something else to do in the dungeon, it is a good idea to do that while waiting for the minions to teleport instead of killing them.

Fremennik camp[edit | edit source]

Fremennik camp.png
There will be a Fremennik scout setting up a new camp for adventurers. Players will receive Fletching experience for stringing the bows, smithing xp for making battleaxes, and cooking xp for cooking the fish. A free furnace and permanent fire (tier 1) are also provided in the room.
Skill requirements
Cooking, Smithing, and Fletching
Talk to him then click on the three crates to retrieve bars, which you will smith into battleaxes, to obtain materials for cutting and stringing bows, and raw fish to cook for the new explorers. He will then unlock the door(s). A Knife and hammer can be obtained from him if a player can go through a long conversation.

This puzzle cannot be skipped using the warped gorajan trailblazer outfit.

Member puzzles[edit | edit source]

Hunter ferret[edit | edit source]

A ferret will run away when players get too close, escaping down a hole and out of another. The players must trap the ferret by cutting some dry branches that are on the wall to get dry logs. Ordinary trees may also be present in the room, but will not work. The dry logs can be fletched to make a simple trap. Lay the trap and chase the ferret in to it. Free players, regardless of solo or team, can complete the puzzle without making a trap, but most likely they will encounter a message saying: "You need a Hunter level of at least X to catch the ferret." There is a bug where the dry branches do not appear in the room at all, resulting in the incapability to make traps with their logs.
Skill requirements
Hunter is always required, either to catch it bare-handed or to lay down traps. The level required for catching it bare-handed, however, will sometimes be higher than the level required for catching it in a trap. Woodcutting and Fletching are required (woodcutting to chop dry branches, fletching to turn logs into traps) if you decide to make traps, but not necessarily required.

A F2P player that has never trained the hunter skill will not be able to catch the ferret even by hand, unless the room requires Level 1 Hunter. Free players cannot use the dry logs to make traps. This puzzle can be skipped using the warped gorajan trailblazer outfit.

Method #1 (for groups/solo)
  1. Chop 1-5 dry branches and fletch these branches into traps.
  2. Look at where the ferret has spawned. It will always be the southwest tile of the middle four tiles in the room.
  3. Place traps directly next to walls that are on the same row and column as the location the ferret spawned.
  4. You should also place a trap on the place where the ferret spawned. Sometimes you will be unable to do so, receiving a message that you cannot place a trap there.
  5. Wait until the ferret gets caught in one of the traps. You can leave the room until this happens.
  6. Remove the trap the ferret got caught in. All doors in the room will be unlocked.
Method #2 (for groups/solo)
Often, the ferret will be accessible in a straight line from the entrance of the room. In these cases, it is best to try using the Escape ability to catch it:
  1. If you have entered the room such that the ferret is not in a straight line from you, go out and enter through the other side of the door.
  2. Make sure you turn around so that your back is facing the ferret. If not, leave the room and enter again.
  3. Have Escape accessible through a keybind. Right click the ferret and hover over the option to catch it.
  4. Use Escape with the keybind and immediately click to catch the ferret after. Either you will catch the ferret or it will bite you. If it bites you, use the Freedom ability to recover and get some traps while it settles down.

This is not limited to the entrance of the room. If the ferret is accessible in a straight line from the north or east sides of the room, it is possible to use this strategy there as well. Follow the wall to the correct position. Because the ferret spawns on the southwest of the four middle tiles, it will not get scared when you are one tile away from the north and east walls. Use this to step off the wall and back so that your back is facing the ferret and you can use Escape to catch it.

If you have Bladed Dive, you can skip some of the setup. As long as the ferret is stationary and in direct sight, you can dive onto the tile the ferret is occupying or one right beside it and then quickly click it to catch it. This is faster than getting properly positioned for escaping unless you can do it from the entrance.

Surge also works similarly. It is often possible to surge immediately when entering the room and catch the ferret mid-surge. It is also possible to use Surge to catch up to the ferret while it is running away, catching it in the process. However, surging is more difficult to get right.

Method #3 (for groups/solo)
In some variations of the hunter ferret room, it is possible to catch the ferret solo without traps. This is known as "one-shotting" or "sniping".
  1. Once you have found a suitable room, hide behind the wall the ferret is next to. The ferret must be one or two tiles from the end of the wall or else it will run too soon for you to catch it.
  2. Try to catch the ferret. It may bite you, which stuns you for a few seconds. If you fail, you will have to use another method, or wait until the ferret goes into the middle again.
Method #4 (for groups)
In large teams of 5 people you can have 3-4 people in each corner and one person with the highest hunter level try to catch the ferret. This way, the ferret will get trapped between 2 people and will run back and forth, allowing for easy capture.

This method tends to be the fastest when 3-5 people are in the room and using Escape or Dive is either impossible or fails.

Enigmatic hoardstalker (riddles)[edit | edit source]

Enigmatic Hoardstalker label.png
The enigmatic hoardstalker will ask the players riddles, and the player has to show the correct item to him to proceed through the exit door. If the player shows the wrong item to the enigmatic hoardstalker, they will receive heavy damage. (The items with (o) have no utility outside of the enigmatic hoardstalker room). Free players can receive this puzzle, but will not be able to proceed; the enigmatic hoardstalker will not speak to the player on a free-to-play world. This hoardstalker can be a good way to "suicide"; it is best to kill yourself if no altars are in the dungeon or you are low on health. However, "suiciding" is impossible once the room is complete.
Skill requirements
Summoning (may need to recharge current Summoning points) and possibly Thieving if the item required cannot be found elsewhere in the dungeon.
You are able to use items other than the ones provided in the room. For example, if the riddle calls for a vial of water, but no one in the party can open the doors, you can use a vial that you have bought from the Smuggler. The only ones to worry about will be a Needle, Unholy symbol, a Vial of water and possibly the Banana if one has encountered the Construction room but ate the banana or the chest gave another loot.

No Summoning level is required to complete this puzzle. If no one can understand the Hoardstalker, you can still try giving him every item possible until the riddle is solved. Be cautious, however, because each incorrect item may deal up to about 400 damage.

Riddle Item Name Picture Location Alternative method of obtaining
Without me, a deathslinger is merely a gorajo with a stick. Bowstring (o) Bowstring (o).png: RS3 Inventory image of Bowstring (o) 1 Buy from Smuggler, monster drop
Though I am light, I can not illuminate the dark. Feather (o) Feather (o).png: RS3 Inventory image of Feather (o) 1 Buy from Smuggler, monster drop
The blunt force I provide is surprisingly constructive. Hammer (o) Hammer (o).png: RS3 Inventory image of Hammer (o) 1 Buy from Smuggler
Completed I can make you dead, but currently I have no head. Headless arrow (o) Headless arrow (o).png: RS3 Inventory image of Headless arrow (o) 1 Fletch any type of branches into an arrow shaft and add a feather
From your veins I flow, from essence did I grow. Blood rune (o) Blood rune (o).png: RS3 Inventory image of Blood rune (o) 2 Monster drops, Runecrafting
I can get you almost anything you want, but with noone to accept me, I am worthless. Coins (o) Coins (o).png: RS3 Inventory image of Coins (o) 2 Monster drops, thieving chest, sell anything to smuggler
I pluck the denizens of the sea, to serve a salty sailor's tea. Fishing rod (o) Fishing rod (o).png: RS3 Inventory image of Fishing rod (o) 2 None
I am cursed with but one eye. And from Haystacks I will spy. Needle (o) Needle (o).png: RS3 Inventory image of Needle (o) 2 None
I demonstrate faith in a dark god. Unholy symbol (o) Unholy symbol (o).png: RS3 Inventory image of Unholy symbol (o) 2 None
Born through fire, I'm lost in winds and muddied in water. Ashes (o) Ashes (o).png: RS3 Inventory image of Ashes (o) 3 Light a fire with any logs. You will be left with ashes when the fire goes out.
Sticks and stones may break me, exercise may ache me. Bones (o) Bones (o).png: RS3 Inventory image of Bones (o) 3 Monster drops
Though my friends fly high, I was always destined to protect. Novite kiteshield (o) Novite kiteshield (o).png: RS3 Inventory image of Novite kiteshield (o) 3 Monster drops, buy from smuggler, Smithing novite bars
Remove my yellow skin, and dine on me within. Banana (o) Banana (o).png: RS3 Inventory image of Banana (o) 4 Barrel puzzle, Bones to Bananas
I am water that brings fire to your heart. Firebreath whiskey (o) Firebreath whiskey (o).png: RS3 Inventory image of Firebreath whiskey (o) 4 Monster, drops, buy from smuggler
While many call me mould, some call me savoury. Gissel mushroom (o) Gissel mushroom (o).png: RS3 Inventory image of Gissel mushroom (o) 4 Monster drops, Farming, buy from smuggler
Without me you cannot survive / would perish, but fill a room with me and you would surely die. Vial of water (o) Vial of water (o).png: RS3 Inventory image of Vial of water (o) 4 Fill a vial with water using Humidify or a water trough
The slowest of assassins, I'm at home on your blade or in your drink. Weapon poison (o) Weapon poison (o).png: RS3 Inventory image of Weapon poison (o) 4 Herblore
A serpent am I, yet on land I would die. Cave eel (o) Cave eel (o).png: RS3 Inventory image of Cave eel (o) 4 Monster drops, Fishing/Cooking

Barrel puzzle[edit | edit source]

Barrel puzzle.png
You will not be able to enter the room until you push the first series of barrels out of the way to make a path. The monsters are in the very small section of the room. They do not tend to leave that area unless they are lured.

After this first stage is completed, you will have to choose between two paths to get behind the wall at the back of the room. Each path blocks off one bonus chest while allowing you to access the other, so it does not make a difference which path you choose as you will miss out on one of the chests in either case. Only one chest contains real loot. The other contains a banana (you even get a message saying so), so luck matters when choosing a chest. Free players can receive this puzzle and obtain loot from the chests and push the barrels around, but they are unable to fix the barrel.

Skill requirements
Strength and Construction
Push the barrels to reach the Broken barrel bits. Pushing has a strength requirement, with all barrels except for the broken one having the same requirement.

Pick up the broken barrel bits and fix the broken barrel in the centre of the room (has a construction requirement). The fixed barrel must then be pushed (no Strength requirement) so it is adjacent to an 'Expelling Pipe', which will increase the capacity of the barrel. Leaving the barrel by a 'Devouring Pipe' will reduce the capacity. You must get the barrel to full capacity before the room unlocks; once this happens, the barrel will stay full. The barrel does not need to be pushed onto the pressure plate to proceed.

It is possible to speed up the room by having two players push from the same side, one right after the other. This eliminates the delay that a single player would have between pushes, but it requires coordination between the players and is not usually recommended.

A monster attacking you or another player teleporting onto your tile can put your character into a glitched state where pulling the barrel will pull it two spaces, through you. However, the game will register this as only one space, meaning it is possible for the barrel's position and the meter direction to become out of sync until the barrel is moved again. It is possible to use this to slightly speed up the room in some cases. To fix this effect, move one tile away and then back. Because of this bug, it is recommended to stay on the side of the barrels that is away from the monsters so that there is less chance of one attacking, and to kill monsters if they start attacking. It is also recommended to place the group gatestone away from the barrel's path because another player teleporting onto you can cause this unexpectedly.

Agility maze[edit | edit source]

Agility Room.png
This room will contain a miniature agility maze which requires the user to traverse through a wall of wires, dodge a swinging pendulum, and avoid a pair of spinning blades.
Skill requirements
Agility (above level 5)
It is possible to take damage from the maze by failing the agility obstacles. F2P players were previously able to complete this puzzle, but this has been fixed. The puzzle is now available to free players since 7 December , but is impossible for them to complete.

After the puzzle is complete, door(s) can be opened from behind to allow fellow team mates pass through or for later convenience.

There are continuously spinning blades in the corner of the room. Walk around them, do not think that your character will automatically go around them. They can hit a high amount of damage if you run into them (600+), and can hit you several times.

The Agility level is only required for the first set of spikes, not the rest of the puzzle.

There are two variations of this room with differing optimal places to use Surge. In the picture, surge should be used to go directly through the spinning blades. In the other variation, you will end the obstacles at one corner and often have to run around the room to the other corner. Instead, target a monster in the opposite corner and surge when diagonally facing the wall. You will surge through the puzzle, saving the time of running around. It is also possible to do this with no enemies by moving one space diagonally into the wall and then surging before you have stopped moving. Bladed Dive can be used to quickly pass through the spinning blades or to go through the puzzle without the setup Surge requires.

Keystone bridge[edit | edit source]

The room has islands at each door and in the centre, surrounded by a vast pit. Bridges between the central island and further doors are broken and must be repaired by mining a rock and crafting it.
Skill requirements
Mining, Crafting, and Construction
This variant of the broken bridge room involves mining a rock from the mining rock, crafting it into a carved keystone, and placing it on the damaged bridge gap. If you fail to mine the rock, fail to craft the carved keystone, or the keystone drops into the pit, you will have to try again.

Broken plank bridge[edit | edit source]

Broken plank bridge puzzle.png
The room has islands at each door and in the centre, surrounded by a vast pit. The bridge between the central island and further doors are broken and need to be repaired by using planks provided on the other side.
Skill requirements
Agility, Construction (optional)
This variant of the broken bridge room involves jumping over the gap. Optionally, you can take 5 planks from the crate and construct a wooden bridge to fill the gap, allowing teammates to cross who do not meet the Agility requirement. However, it is almost always better to take the group gatestone across and have the other players teleport to it.

This puzzle cannot be completed by a free player, regardless if they have trained Agility or Construction.

Return the flow[edit | edit source]

Return the flow.png
This room contains four pillars, a central fountain, and some debris blocking the liquid's path.
Skill requirements
Mining and Construction.

Uncommonly, only mining or only construction will be required

Fix the broken pillars (requires Construction) and mine away the debris (requires Mining). Once all the debris is gone and all pillars are fixed, the fountain will fill and unlock the door. There is a chance of failure to fix the pillar, in which case the red liquid will burn the player's hand and cause damage.

It is possible to tell which corner of the room has debris/broken pillars by seeing which of the paths are not flowing red.

Grapple tightrope[edit | edit source]

Grapple tightrope puzzle.png
There is a wide gap between the entrance to the room and the door on the other side. You must use the materials found within the room the create a tightrope to walk across. There are usually monsters on the other side.
Skill requirements
Smithing, Crafting, Ranged, and Agility
Grab an item from both boxes in the room and use the leaf-like item on the spinning wheel to get a string. Then use the grapple head on the anvil (requires a hammer). Use the two items on each other to get a grapple hook. Grapple the other ledge, and walk across on the tightrope.

If you fail to smith the hook, it will disappear from your inventory and you will have to get a new broken climbing hook. If the hook falls in the gap, you will have to make both the string and grapple hook again.

This puzzle is not to be confused with the winch bridge, the version of the puzzle that does not require Agility and can be completed by non-members.

After one person crosses the rope there is no longer an agility requirement.

Statue bridge[edit | edit source]

Statue bridge.png
There are two stone statues near the edge of the gap. You will notice that a pressure pad is close to one of them. There is also a mining rock within the room. The giant statue initially requires a construction level to fix, although fixing gives mining experience
Skill requirements
Mining, Construction, and Strength.
Mine the mining rock found in the room. You will receive a lump of stone. Use this on the statue without a clear face to repair it. Now, push the statue on the pressure pad. The bridge will slide across closing the gap. If a monster is standing directly on the pressure pad, you will sometimes have to move it out of the way.

Sometimes, when pushing a statue into a monster on the other side or when two people push a statue at once, it will move regardless of the enemy blocking it, and sometimes create a duplicate statue in the original position. In both cases, the room is completed without having to kill or lure the enemy away.

Poltergeist[edit | edit source]

Poltergeist Puzzle.png
The room contains a sarcophagus with four censers around it and a ghost walking around it. There is a farming patch with several different herbs that must be used to open the sarcophagus and unlock the door.
Skill requirements
Herblore, Prayer, Firemaking, and Thieving
Read the inscription on the sarcophagus. The inscription will give you a clue that will tell you which of the herbs in the available patch to pick (Corianger, Explosemary, Parslay, Cardamaim, Papreaper, or Slaughtercress). If you pick the wrong herb, you will take damage.

After picking the correct herb four times (requires a Herblore level, NOT Farming), consecrate them (requires a Prayer level), put them in the censers and then light them (requires a Firemaking level). Then open the sarcophagus (requires a Thieving level).

If you fail to open the sarcophagus, you will take damage.

The farming patch in this room can be used to grow herbs and food, if you need it.

Unhappy ghost[edit | edit source]

Unhappy Ghost.png
Looks similar to the poltergeist room, but instead, the Ghost's tomb has been ransacked and needs some repairing.
Skill requirements
Construction, Thieving, and Prayer
There are a variety of tasks that need to be done to cheer up the ghost. An antique ring is on the ground and needs to be returned to the jewellery box. A broken pot (along the sides of the room) and a damaged pillar require repairing, requiring the same Construction level to repair each. Unlock the coffin (requires thieving) and bless the remains of the coffin (requires prayer).

Beware that it is possible to take damage from failing any of the skill-related tasks, and your prayer points may be reduced if you fail to bless the remains.

Coloured recess[edit | edit source]

Coloured Recess.png
These rooms contains 4 coloured recesses; a green, purple, blue and yellow one. One of the walls contains vials. There are 4 blocks scattered across the room.
Skill Requirements
Strength and Herblore
Push or pull all 4 blocks onto a coloured recess. (Be sure that the 'block' colours go onto the corresponding 'recess' colours.) Then take all 4 coloured vials from the wall. Use the coloured vials on the block placed on the corresponding recess, and the doors will unlock.

If you put the wrong vial into a block, you will have to recolour it using the correct vial. You will get a warning message asking you if you are sure you want to recolour it. When you recolour it, a random effect will happen to you as listed below:

  • You fail to mix the compounds correctly, resulting in an alchemical accident.
  • The mixture fizzes with magic: hostile, painful magic!
  • The mixture froths and emits a toxic gas, poisoning you!
  • The reaction is violently endothermic, freezing you solid!

All of the above are NOT protected by the gatherer upgrade for the Ring of kinship except for the first message only when it occurs from taking the vials off the shelve.

Beware that it is possible to take damage from failing to mix the coloured vials from the wall.

Flower roots[edit | edit source]

Flower roots.png
The room contains a big flower which requires Farming Skill to uproot. The vine roots growing from the big flower have smaller flowers which need to be chopped away using the Woodcutting skill. This will clear a path to the big flower.
Skill requirements
Woodcutting and Farming
Look at the colour of the biggest flower located at the centre in the room and the flowers on the root that block the way and all the flowers in the room will change colour. (You can hover over the flowers to verify the colour.)

Only cut the small flowers which match the colour of the biggest flower, otherwise you will take damage from trying to cut other flowers which do not match the correct colour.

After reaching the biggest flower, uproot it to unlock the door. All the unchopped flowers will be removed and the vines will be lowered, allowing easier passage through the room.

Often there is no flower that match with the biggest flower. Wait for the flowers to change colours and then chop them. The colours rotate through: red, yellow, blue, and purple (in that order). The biggest flower rotates through the colours twice as fast as the roots. Using this information, it is possible to complete this room in the minimal number of colour changes every time.

When the room is opened, immediately check for a blue flower close by and chop it as soon as possible. Sometimes, when this flower is the only available one, this makes the difference between starting the room immediately and waiting for every possible colour change (about half a minute) before the two colours match again.

Use Surge or Bladed Dive to quickly cover large distances in order to make it to far flowers before the colour changes to mismatch.

Coloured bookcases (Occult floors only)[edit | edit source]

Bookcase room.png
This room contains four rotating bookcases with four flying books.
Skill requirements
In this room are four different coloured bookcases on the wall, four rotating bookcases, and four matching books flying around. The goal is to direct each coloured book to its appropriately coloured bookcase on the wall. When a set of bookcases are facing each other, the books from them will go fly from one to the other. The rotating bookcases are essentially used to catch and throw books to the next bookcase. As soon as a book goes inside of a rotating bookcase, it can be turned once to stop the book from returning.

To find the colour the bookcase should hold, examine the bookcase on the wall by right-clicking. This will tell you the colour needed.

Once the book is in the desired case, it can be rotated to face the next case and 'throw' the book. Once a book is in its correct coloured bookcase, the book will stay inside the case and stop flying. The doors will unlock once all the books are in their proper cases.

Get the two end bookcases finished first. It takes a lot longer to bring a book all the way from one end to the other than it does to move it between only the inner two bookcases.

It is possible to turn a bookcase slightly before the books visibly start flying between bookcases. In the case where you are soloing the room and all four books reach their proper rotating bookcase at the same time, good timing for turning the first bookcase a bit early makes it possible to have all four bookcases turned into position before the books start flying again.

Portal maze (Warped floors only)[edit | edit source]

Portal Maze.png
The maze has 8 rooms, each with portals on the sides that lead to a random room.
Skill Requirements
The goal is to reach the centre of the maze. Keep moving as you will continuously take damage while inside the maze until you reach the centre. Once you reach the centre, wait a few seconds and the doors will unlock. In larger teams, there will be pressure pads equal to the number of people the dungeon was designed for. You will need to have everyone standing on a pressure plate in the centre room.

Warning: Occasionally, the doors will not unlock when everyone stands on their plate. Do not leave the centre room yet. To fix this, one player should step off of their plate and then step back on. If you are sent back outside in the process, simply go through the outside door you have not gone through yet.

A strategy which always works is that once you enter through one of the initial three doors, go through the door opposite you. Players finding the path for others and had made their way to the centre room may call out "N/S/E/W opposite/oppo", with N/S/E/W being one of the initial doors players should first go through.

When finding the path for other people, it is optimal to find a three-room path to save everyone else time and damage. This can be done quickly as follows:

  1. Enter one of the three starting portals. Remember the room you end up in. This room cannot lead to the middle because the minimum path length is 3 rooms. Exit the room, back to the beginning of the puzzle.
  2. Repeat step 1 with a different starting portal, also noting this room as one that cannot lead to the middle.
  3. Enter the final portal. This is the first portal in the path.
  4. Choose any portal other than the one you entered. If it leads to the room from steps 1 or 2, go back and try a different one until you have entered a completely new room. This is likely the second portal in the path.
  5. Try portals in this room until you reach the middle. This is the final portal in the path. If no portals lead to the middle (this is rare), go back to the room entered in step 3 and try a different portal for the second portal in the path.

Players with low Constitution levels may not be able to complete this room unless they move very quickly, as the damage inside the maze may be more than the amount of life points they have.

Teams may not circumvent this puzzle by simply bringing the group gatestone into the centre room. The Group Gatestone Teleport will be blocked if it is held anywhere within the eight rooms.

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included—see here for how to help out!
  • patch 11 May 2020 (Update):
    • Removed the chisel from the room in Daemonheim where the player must carve a weapon for one of three statues.
  • patch 22 August 2016 (Update):
    • Fixed a typo in the rammed bridge strength challenge in Dungeoneering.
  • patch 9 June 2014 (Update):
    • A spelling error in Daemonheim's toxic maze room has been corrected.
  • patch 7 January 2014 (Update):
    • Players can no longer place gatestones on top of suspicious grooves in Daemonheim.
  • patch 25 September 2013 (Update):
    • The struts on the walls in the collapsed tunnel room in Daemonheim no longer disappear when repaired by two players at the same time.
  • patch 13 August 2013 (Update):
    • The pads in the pressure pen ferret room in Dungeoneering now appear the correct colours when bloom is enabled.
  • patch 14 February 2012 (Update):
    • Placing a gatestone midway across the Guardian Sphere challenge room in Dungeoneering, then teleporting to it will now cause the sphere to spawn.
  • patch 14 September 2011 (Update):
    • The Rogue Familiars challenge room obelisk now blocks ranged attacks.
  • patch 9 August 2011 (Update):
    • A ground resource is no longer facing a wall in a Something's Missing Dungeoneering challenge room.
  • patch 7 June 2011 (Update):
    • For smaller party sizes, the arming statues in the dungeoneering challenge room no longer stop the player from walking when statues are not placed down.
  • patch 15 March 2011 (Update):
    • Dungeoneering challenge room failure rates have been lowered for low-levelled players.
    • Failing in challenge rooms will no longer drain stats.
    • The ‘Sliding Statues’ challenge room has been rewritten to fix occurrences of the room being impossible to complete. It is also possible to pull statues now.
    • The ‘Monolith’ challenge room has been changed to stop the shades from taking too much energy from the monolith, and the monolith will reach fully charged faster.
    • The ‘Flower Roots’ challenge room will now not fail if you have the correct skill requirements, if you pull the plant at the right time.
    • The ‘Ten Statue Weapon’ challenge room (five with weapons, five without) will now have fewer statues in smaller parties.
    • It is no longer possible to fail to repair the walls in the ‘Collapsing Room’ challenge room.
    • The ‘Toxin Maze’ challenge room will now remove the obstacles on completing the room.
  • patch 7 December 2010 (Update):
    • It is no longer possible to use a gatestone inside the puzzle rooms in the confusing portals challenge room.
  • patch 24 November 2010 (Update):
    • The ‘return the flow’ Dungeoneering room shall no longer have disappearing pillars.
  • patch 9 November 2010 (Update):
    • The rock from the ‘crossing bridges’ Dungeoneering challenge room has been removed from the Grand Exchange.
  • patch 28 April 2010 (Update):
    • You can no longer complete ferret trapping puzzle room in Dungeoneering without catching the ferret.