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The 2010 skill, Dungeoneering, was released on 12 April 2010. What follows were known facts before the skill's release.

Confirmed facts[edit | edit source]

  • In the February Q&A it was confirmed the new skill would not be a money sink skill.
  • It is definite that there is a new skill coming to RuneScape in 2010.
  • In the first question of a Q&A with Mark Gerhard in a Developer's Blog dated 6 August 2009, he confirmed that the new skill was available for all players, as since he was instated as CEO, he would give more updates to the free-version of the game, reiterating that the free-version is not a demo.
  • In Mod Fetzki's Q&A 2010, Fetzki said that this new skill will take free players beyond the (current) free player map.
  • Mod Mark discounted the idea of adding mounts, stating that they would be pretty much impossible to implement right now (perhaps due to the limitations of their RuneScript coding language).
  • Mods said that the skill will come closer to the middle of the year than the end. It was also mentioned that the skill will come at the best time of the year, which to many players still in school, would be summer vacation when they would not be bothered by school work.
  • Mod Mmg stated in his clan chat on 7 April 2010 that "Eta on the new skill...it's so close it hurts!"

Forum threads[edit | edit source]

In a current RS forum thread, recently gathered FACTS about the skill, a forum Moderator has commented in the following manner: "I can give you the hint that it will involve lots of skill. And combat. And combat skill.". The list including:

  • The skill is unique and not similar to any other skill.
  • It will involve all current skills.
  • The skill will be available for F2P and P2P.
  • The new skill will take you beyond the current free map (if you are F2P).
  • Aspects of the skills will be good for Pures in PVP.
  • It won’t have any impact on your combat level.
  • The skill doesn't start with a ‘B’.
  • Training will not be money driven. [1]
  • A 'ship' is featured in it quite prominently.
  • It's not Sailing or anything like that.
  • There will be no start quest.
  • No other skill levels required for any part of the skill.
  • It will be released closer to the middle of the year than to the end of the year.
  • It has never been used in another part of the game before (e.g. Runecrafting).

Quotes[edit | edit source]

We are working hard on a new skill, which will be available to free-to-play and members and which shows our continued commitment to the free game.
— Mark Gerhard/Mod MMG[2]
Q) Probably a question you saw coming - Can you shine anymore light on the new skill that's coming?

A) Honestly, it’s not the Sailing skill. That was a crazy rumour based on a picture of a mage on a dock, who apparently is sailing a ship. He isn’t, and there is no Sailing skill. Interestingly, several of the team here at Jagex love sailing, so it did give us some cool ideas for the future. Oh, and the new skill is far better than sailing.

— Mod Mark[3]
Q) Without giving away the new skill, could you briefly describe the awesomeness of said skill?"

A Haha, I really can't without giving bits of it away. All I can say is that I personally found it unique, inventive and thoroughly enjoyable. I certainly hope the players will feel the same way. What I can say is that it’s not too far away now so you will be able to make your own mind up soon.

— Mark Gerhard/Mod MMG [4]

Regarding a hint (later revealed to be a red herring) Mod Paul M gave on the official RuneScape YouTube page:

Q) When can we expect the new skill? What is it? Any hints? Can you confirm it has nothing to do with boats? Can you confirm it doesn't begin with a ‘B’? Necromancy? Archaeology? Can you say anything about those two things? Can you say whether it will be expensive, fast or slow XP, or anything of the sort?

A) I cannot say it has nothing to do with boats because a ship is featuring in it quite prominently, but I can repeat that it is not Sailing or anything like that. The skill doesn't start with a 'B'. It won't be expensive.

— Mod Fetzki

From Andrew's Live Q&A [5]

Q) Will [the new] skill be a money sink?

A) I don't think so. Not in the way Construction is at any rate. It certainly won't be a skill 'only for rich people'

— Andrew [6]

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