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Doors are an integral part of Dungeoneering. There are a number of different types of door that may be encountered, each requiring a different action completed to open them.

Types of Doors[edit | edit source]

Basic Doors[edit | edit source]

Image Name Examine Information Item needed
Door Door This door is closed. In some rooms this door is immediately possible to open (eg, starter room, room with only monsters). However, in other rooms you are required to complete a puzzle to open the door. For more information see Dungeoneering/Puzzles. None
Guardian door Guardian door The gazing eye of the door watches over the room. It only unlocks once all the monsters in the room have been slain. One exception to this rule is in the case of the different Bovimastyces which do not need to be killed to enter the door. None
White shield door [colour] [shape] door A door with [colour] [shape] markings. Can be unlocked by finding the correct colour and shape key and using it to unlock the door. This key may be anywhere else in the dungeon. Appropriate key

Skill Doors[edit | edit source]

While exploring the dungeons of Daemonheim, players may encounter a door that requires them to perform a skill-based action. All of these doors require a level in a skill specific to that door. Doors along the critical path will always be able to be opened by at least one member of the party, other doors that lead to bonus rooms may have any level requirement to be passed. Level requirements may sometimes be above 99, sometimes even up to level 105 in a skill, requiring a member of the party to create a skill boosting potion or a portent of passage to unlock that door. A player may stack the effects of a portent of passage and a skill boosting potion in combination with each other in order to pass a door. It is possible for the requirement to be far out of reach even with potions. However, activating a beguiling smoke devil card or its team variant will allow all skill doors to be opened regardless of the level. In addition, buying the Daemonheim skill door boost from the Aminishi Elite Dungeon Reward Shop permanently reduces the requirements of all skill doors by four levels.

While trying to solve a door, doors can be failed, dealing moderate to severe damage and sending you an amusing commentary on what happened via your chat box. Once successfully passed, doors grant experience equal to the skill level that they required times five, to the skill used. The experience will be shared as long as the sharing option is turned on.

Examining the door will reveal the level requirement to unlock it.

Image Name Examine Skill Information Message received upon failure
Runecrafting door Runed door One of the runes is blank. Runecrafting Players must imbue the door with energy for it to open. You imbue the door with the wrong type of rune energy, and it reacts explosively.
Strength door Barred door The bar is rusted into place. Strength Players must force the bar off the door. You pull a muscle while attempting to move the plank.
Mining door.png Pile of rocks A pile of rocks is blocking the way. Mining Players must destroy the rock that is blocking the door. You fail to mine the obstruction, and are harmed by falling debris.
Firemaking door Flammable debris A pile of flammable debris is blocking the way. Firemaking Players must burn the flammable debris covering the door. The pile of debris fails to ignite. The same cannot be said for your clothes.
Magic door Magical barrier A magical barrier is blocking your path. Magic Players must dispel a barrier on the door. You fail to dispel the barrier and take a surge of magical energy to the face.
Prayer door Dark spirit A dark spirit is blocking your path. Prayer Players must exorcise the dark spirit on the door. There are no boosts for this. The gods snub your prayer, and the dark spirit attacks you.
Woodcutting door Wooden barricade A wooden barricade is blocking the way. Woodcutting Player must clear down a barricaded door. You swing the axe against the grain and are showered with sharp splinters of wood.
Smithing door Broken key door The large key hanging by the door is badly bent. Smithing Players must repair a broken key near the door in order to unlock it. You hit your hand with the hammer. Needless to say, the key is still broken.
Crafting door Broken pulley door The rope for the pulley has snapped. Crafting Players must fix the broken pulley on the door in order to open it. The rope snaps again as you attempt to fix it, and you crush your hands in the mechanism.
Agility door Locked door The chain above it looks suspicious. Agility Players must grab the chain above the door, disarm the trap, and dismantle it. You miss the chain, and set off the trap.
Thieving door Padlocked door There is a huge padlock on the door. Thieving Players must pick the lock. You set off a booby trap inside the lock, and fail to pick it.
Summoning door Ramokee exile A traitor of the gorajo. Summoning Players must dispel a rogue Bloodrager familiar. You fail to dismiss the rogue familiar, and it punches you in anger.
Herblore door Liquid lock There is a complex liquid-based locking mechanism on the door. Herblore Players must mix an ancient mixture to open the door. You incorrectly mix the ingredients, making it explode.
Farming door Vine-covered door There are thorn-covered vines all over the door. Farming Players must prune the vines to access the door. You hurt your hands on the vicious thorns covering the vines.
Construction door Collapsing doorframe Structurally unstable. Construction Players must repair the broken door frame in order to open it. You dislodge some debris while attempting to fix the door, and it falls on you.
Divination door Divine door There is a wisp on the door. Divination Players must drain the energy from the wisp covering the door. The energy in the wisp is too strong for you.

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included - see here for how to help out!
  • patch 21 January 2014 (Update):
    • Clicking on a key door after killing all monsters in a Dungeoneering room no longer triggers the message that the door will not be unlocked until all guardians have been slain.
  • patch 28 November 2012 (Update):
    • Dungeoneering skill doors now hit players a bit harder.
  • patch 13 November 2012 (Update):
    • Solomon Store mining animations no longer play when a player tries to open a Mining door in Dungeoneering that they don't have the requirements for.
    • Locked Dungeoneering doors no longer break players' routefinding.

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