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At this stage, Construction in Daemonheim has six uses:

Boosts[edit | edit source]

Construction can be increased by using an Artisan's potion in the dungeons. Using this potion, your Construction level will temporarily be increased so you can build things you normally wouldn't be able to at your level.

Start room hotspot[edit | edit source]

Players can use their Construction skill in a dungeon to build useful items in the start room. Each item has a level requirement and most also require five logs and five bars. Players need to have a hammer in their inventory or toolbelt in order to build at the hotspot. Boosts (such as Artisan's potion) can be used when building at the hotspot. When the dungeon starts, a Group gatestone portal is already built on the hotspot. To build something else, choose the right click option "replace." Whenever an item is replaced, the old item is destroyed, so if, for example a prayer altar is made, it is advised not to replace it, as the cost of making another is expensive.

Item Level
Coin Cost (If buying materials from smuggler) Materials
Group gatestone portal 1 Construction 0 0 None Teleports player to the current location of the group gatestone with no cost in runes and no Magic level required.
Photo booth 1 Construction 0 0 None Takes a forum picture of your avatar
Farming patch 25 Construction 9 11,500

5x Seeping elm branches.png

Seeping elm branches and 5x Bathus bar.png Bathus bar

Used to grow plants
Cooking range 50 Construction 13.5 51,750 5x Utuku branches.png Utuku branches and 5x Kratonite bar.png Kratonite bar Used to cook food with a burn rate lower than cooking on a regular fire, and greatly increases the time the logs stay lit.
Prayer Altar/Gilded Altar after Love Story 75 Construction 29.1 151,250 5x Bovistrangler branches.png Bovistrangler branches and 5x Zephyrium bar.png Zephyrium bar Used to regain prayer points. Restores points depending on Prayer level and dungeon size. Using bones on altar will earn you 4 times the experience as burying the bone.
Skillcape stand 99 Dungeoneering 0 225 1x Tangle gum branches.png Tangle gum branches Displays your skillcape and allows you to do the Dungeoneering Skillcape emote.

Start Room Modifications interface.png

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 28 March 2011 (Update):
    • The photo booth no longer claims to need a novite bar in the skill advance guide.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The photo booth does not require anything to make and has no construction requirement, yet the skills interface in Construction says that you need level 5 Construction.
  • The Photo booth skill guide icon is an Elena portrait. This is a quest item used in the Plague City quest and it can be hung in your Player-owned house.