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Constitution is used in Dungeoneering as in normal combat. It is currently not used in any kind of puzzle doors or rooms directly, however many puzzles deal considerable amount of damage to those failing to solve it, thus high constitution would be essential in completing some dungeons. Several puzzles would deal over 3000 life points of damage at once to players, such as failing to open skill doors or getting caught by an orb in the Lodestone puzzle room. Higher constitution levels could be also considered an advantage in the Portals puzzle room ecountered in the warped theme floors, in which moderate damage is dealt continuously until the centre of the portal maze is reached.

You can eat various types of food to heal yourself. For information on how much the food heals, go onto the Cooking guide. You can be healed from other players and heal other players with food by right-clicking use on the food and clicking on the player you want to heal. The Medic class of the ring of kinship increases the amount by which you heal other players, by up to +50% on tier 10.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • While Dungeoneering, unlike in normal combat situations outside Daemonheim, every time you healed yourself a purple hitsplat showing the number of life points restored would appear. With the Evolution of Combat, this mechanic has been added to virtually all healing methods across entire "overworld" RuneScape.