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Dumbface was a goblin of the Yurkolgokh tribe, and one of the many goblins, that was trapped in the Warforge by Bandos, who buried the Warforge just before Guthix banished him. With food and water being scarce and Bandos gone, fighting broke out among the eleven remaining tribes, which became known as the Forge War. Dumbface treated the Forge War as Bandos' final game and hoped to make the Yurkolgokh tribe victorious. Dumbface's brief account of the Forge War can be found within the Warforge, the account was most likely written in the early years of the Fourth Age, thus it seems likely that Dumbface is deceased.

Dumbface was among the goblins, who started the tradition of the goblins naming themselves.

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Transcripts Dumbface is the author or co-author of: