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This article is about Guthixian druids. For attackable druids that previously existed, see Druid (historical).
For Zamorakian druids, see Chaos druids.
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Druids are largely pacifist followers of Guthix. They are a peaceful organisation with a love of nature, notable for their expertise in Summoning, Herblore, and potion-making. They are usually seen wearing clothes that are green, white, or brown and sometimes have sickles and herb pouches hanging on their robes. Certain druids, such as Kaqemeex, are recognised as "high druids",[1] but druids do not actually have a formal leader or hierarchy; they are all considered equal in the eyes of Guthix. Instead, they rule by consensus, and any order issued by someone like Kaqemeex will only be followed if they agree to it.[2] They own a stone circle for the worship of Guthix in their village of Taverley, and they once had one south of Varrock but it was overrun by dark wizards wishing to summon Delrith, who have long-since defiled it.

Druids represent one of the oldest religious traditions on Gielinor, with roots stretching back to the First Age. They descend from the first followers of Guthix, who approached the god directly to discuss his philosophy.[3] They were also some of the earliest masters of magic. Discovering runestones granted by Guthix, druids became known as the first wizards. [4]

Although Guthix himself eschewed worship, modern druids used to worship Guthix as an entity inhabiting everything in nature, and as vital to the continued balance of the world.[5] Since the assassination of Guthix, however, current members of the order of druids headed by Kaqemeex, based in Taverley, choose to honour, but not to worship, Guthix, and to spread his word and teaching of balance, harmony, and freedom from the gods in his absence. Although they are aware of Sliske's murder of Guthix, those who remain committed to the order have taken a vow not to seek revenge for Guthix's death. Some former druids who disagreed with this principle, such as Biehn, left the druidic order, with Kaqemeex's blessing.

Critics of the druids claim that they are too oblivious to the affairs of the wider world[6] and that their doctrine of balance makes them unwilling to act against evil.[7] However, many druids do choose to fight against injustice, and the druid Thaerisk Cemphier argues that if the balance of the world were at risk, the druids would defend it to their dying breath if necessary. Nevertheless, many of the older members of the order remain cautious.[6] In response, Thaerisk founded the Crux Eqal for druids wishing to take a more active role in defending the world.

The druids employ a Guthixian calendar dated from the year Guthix went to sleep after the God Wars. This calendar is particularly notable for being used as the basis for dating the "Fourth Age" period. Although to most humans, using the Asgarnian calendar forming the basis of the "Fifth Age" period, the year is 189, to the druids it would be the year 2,141 A.G.S (After Guthix Slept). [8]

A group of druids is sometimes referred to as a coven.[9]

Their houses contain many natural things.

Notable druids[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • On 15 January 2008, all druids received a graphical update coinciding with the release of Summoning and the quest Wolf Whistle, which can be started in Taverley.
  • On 31 January 2012, druids received a second graphical update coinciding with release of the Troll Warzone tutorial, which also made them unattackable.
  • The Hallowed/Unhallowed robe rewards from the 2012 Hallowe'en event were designed around the robes the Druids wear.
  • They appear to be wearing a silver sickle on their body or in their hands.
  • Many of them have punning names ending in x, which could be a reference to the popular Asterix comics. Those comics featured Gauls, including some druids, with their names all ending on "-ix".

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