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This article is about The female NPC. For druids as a group, see Druids.
For the attackable druids, see Druidess (historical).
StandardThe World Wakes
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Druidesses are found in Taverley, along with Druids. They are the female versions of male Druids.

Druidesses are followers of Guthix. They are peace-lovers, striving for balance in the world. They are not to be confused with Chaos Druids, who follow Zamorak, god of chaos. Unlike the male Druid, the Druidesses do not have a counterpart among the Chaos Druids, probably due to their late release.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If Thaerisk was killed in The World Wakes, a druidess replaces him, heralding Thaerisk's actions as brave and great.