Driven, Underground

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Driven, Underground is an achievement that requires the player to navigate the Underground Pass, using the thieving shortcuts and talking to Klank on the way through about his gauntlets.

Items needed: Rope, any bow that uses ammo, metal arrows, plank (optional to cross over traps safely)
  1. Using the wicked hood or Abyss, teleport directly to the Death Altar. From there, exit through the altar's portal. Once outside of the Death Altar, enter the tunnel to the west. Klank can be found in this next area, along with two other dwarves.
  2. After having completed the Underground Pass quest, the Pass can be entered from the Tirannwn side through the Well of Voyage. If one owns the Fang of Mohegan, then it can be used to teleport here directly. After climbing into the well, exit out the doors, go past the disciples of Iban and head north, crossing the broken bridges until cliffside ledge to the east can be crossed. Descend either of the stairs to the north or south; Klank is in the camp in the south-west corner of the lower level. Talk with him about his gloves, but buying them is not needed.

From Klank[edit | edit source]

Items needed: None

Go back up the stairs to the north, and head all the way east and enter the door. East, there is a flat rock trap, which can be passed safely by placing a plank on top of the rock; otherwise run across it and some damage might be taken. Follow the tunnel all the way to the end and enter the next tunnel. Head east and squeeze through an obstacle pipe. Take the first western path (to the tunnel with the Blessed Giant Rats and green section in the middle) and pick the lock on the cage door, and the achievement will be complete.

If the Underground Pass quest has not been completed yet, or if one wishes to traverse from the West Ardougne entrance: after digging in the cell and crossing the shelf, run past the bridges and pick the door lock. Using the bridges will not complete the achievement. The achievement is complete right after talking to Klank; the rest of the Pass does not need to be traversed afterwards.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This achievement used to be a task prior to the release of the Achievements System on 18 April 2017.