Dragonkin Laboratory (achievement)

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Dragonkin Laboratory is an achievement that requires the player to complete all of the achievements regarding the Dragonkin Laboratory.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Achievement Description Story mode
Elite Dungeons and Dragons Defeat all 13 minibosses inside the Dragonkin Laboratory. Yes check.svg
Dragon Ink Obtain the books Diary of an Overzealous Gnome and Redacted Dragonkin Research from Astellarn and Verak Lith, respectively. Yes check.svg
Tactless Analysis Inspect all 22 dragonkin research notes to complete dragonkin research. Yes check.svg
We Will Fight in the Shade Defeat Astellarn without having taken more than 10,000 total damage from her solar storm. X mark.svg
A Quest for Understanding Defeat Astellarn with at least two pulsars active. X mark.svg
Broodmother Defeat Verak Lith without anyone dispersing their damage into a pile of eggs. X mark.svg
Dragonhide Infanticide Defeat Verak Lith ensuring every ricocheted attack is absorbed and dispersed into a pile of eggs. X mark.svg
Get Back, Hand! Use Forceful Backhand against a black hand during the black stone dragon fight. Yes check.svg
Shadow Wave Use the Wave emote towards a black hand During the Black Stone Dragon fight. Yes check.svg
Not a Moth Defeat the Black Stone Dragon without taking damage from any shadow flames. X mark.svg
Four in Hand Defeat all 4 black hands, within 10 seconds after defeating the first, during the Black Stone Dragon fight. Yes check.svg
Goopy Bloop Boop Knock back a Laboratory slime in the Dragonkin Laboratory. Yes check.svg
You Won't Like Me When I'm Sangri Kill Sangri the Red in the Dragonkin Laboratory while under the effects of Berserk. X mark.svg
Smoulders and Skully Kill Smoulders in the Dragonkin Laboratory while wearing a demonic skull. X mark.svg
Psychedelic Relics Disassemble any combination of 5 rare laboratory relics, relics of Aminishi or reef relic. X mark.svg
Chill Out, Bro! Hit 4 magma golems at the same time with Tsunami. Yes check.svg
Spiderlogical Warfare Defeat Spyndra in the Dragonkin Laboratory while having one of the following items in the player's inventory:
  • Spider leg
  • Araxxi's eye
  • Araxxi's fang
  • Araxxi's web
X mark.svg
Elder Souls Defeat the Emberbound Soul in the Dragonkin Laboratory while having the Chronicle Absorption curse active. X mark.svg
Ebony and Irony Heal using Resonance against Alanogard the Black while wielding a black dragonhide shield. Yes check.svg

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