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Dragonbane arrows are arrows that do additional damage to dragons. They are created by attaching dragonbane arrowheads to headless arrows, requiring level 76 Fletching, giving 187.5 experience per set of 15 feathered. All arrows made from bane metal can only be used from magic or elder bows, a gravite chargebow, the seercull, the god bows, the dark bow, the strykebow, the hexhunter bow, Decimation, the noxious longbow or the Seren godbow.

When used against dragons, these arrows deal 40% more damage with auto-attacks and 25% more damage with abilities, and they gain 30% hit chance bonus. Dragonbane arrows or bolts are necessary in order to break through the armour of a rune dragon and weaken it.

Making the arrows[edit | edit source]

80 Mining is needed to mine the banite ore. There are two overworld locations which have no further requirements; the Arctic habitat mine which has rocks on the East and West sides of the azure chinchompa hunting grounds, and the other is the Pirates' Hideout mine located in the Wilderness near the Mage Arena. There are also three quest-locked mines which hold banite ore; the foremost of which is located in the Glacor Cave in a side cave near the exit to the ritual site protected by an energy barrier accessed after Ritual of the Mahjarrat (easily travelled to via the fairy ring DKQ), another is inside the Jatizso dungeon mine accessible after The Fremennik Isles quest, and the last can be found after completing Hero's Welcome in Tarshak's sanctum.

87 Magic is then needed to use the Tune Bane Ore lunar spell on an item from a dragon, such as dragon bones or dragonhide in your inventory. This will turn one bane ore in your inventory into dragonbane ore. The dragon item used will not be lost.

Then 77 Smithing is needed to smelt the ore into dragonbane bars at a furnace. Any furnace can be used to smelt the bar. Then either use the fairy rings to go to Kethsi, using DIR then AKS or go through the World Gate. Use the Kethsian anvil on the upper level to make 75 arrowheads per bar, which requires 80 Smithing. Adding Headless arrows at this point turns them into finished dragonbane arrows, with 76 Fletching.

The Magic, Smithing, and Fletching requirements can be boosted or assisted. Therefore, using spicy stews and an extreme magic potion, the lowest levels possible to obtain these bolts are 76 Mining (required to complete the quest), 80 Magic, 74 Smithing and 74 Fletching.

Creation[edit | edit source]

Dragonbane arrow 5.png Dragonbane arrow ×15
Fletching-Hourglass.pngMake-X GE icon.png
187.5 XP-?-
Fletching Fletching level76
Quests Completed Ritual of the Mahjarrat
P2P icon.png Members only
Dragonbane arrowheads 5.pngDragonbane arrowheads15N/A-
Headless arrow 5.pngHeadless arrow1552780

Effectiveness[edit | edit source]

In terms of damage, dragonbane arrows are less effective than Araxyte arrows. This is because Araxyte arrows provide 864 damage while with the extra 25% applied to abilities the dragonbane arrows only provides 720 damage. This means that, if accuracy is not an issue, Araxyte arrows are superior. Due to the inherently high accuracy of the Noxious longbow, players should find that Araxyte arrows are better against normal dragons, if only slightly so. When fighting a dragon like the Queen Black Dragon, dragonbane arrows are of much more use due to their increased accuracy. In addition, Araxyte arrows are less time-consuming to acquire.

In any other case, dragonbane arrows are generally better. It should also be noted that rune dragons take immensely reduced damage in their first phase if hit by anything besides dragonbane bolts/arrows, so much that they are required to kill them effectively.

Disassembly[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 9 November 2015 (Update):
    • The XP given when crafting dragonbane arrows has been altered to match the Make X interface.