Dragon mask

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Dragon masks are Treasure Trails rewards worn in the head slot. All of the dragon masks can be stored in the treasure chest of a player's costume room. Any dragon mask is required for a master level emote clue.

Any dragon mask is used during a master emote clue step. This item is stored together with the Dragon Rider amulet and a Dragon defender in the hidey-hole inside the Dragontooth Island resource dungeon (south-east corner).

Name Price
Green dragon mask.png Green dragon mask 1,554,210
Blue dragon mask.png Blue dragon mask 1,592,032
Red dragon mask.png Red dragon mask 1,555,172
Black dragon mask.png Black dragon mask 1,782,498
Bronze dragon mask.png Bronze dragon mask 1,501,397
Iron dragon mask.png Iron dragon mask 1,395,478
Steel dragon mask.png Steel dragon mask 1,412,409
Mithril dragon mask.png Mithril dragon mask 1,395,430
Frost dragon mask.png Frost dragon mask 1,477,708
Adamant dragon mask.png Adamant dragon mask 1,531,172
Rune dragon mask.png Rune dragon mask 1,459,423
Dragonstone dragon mask.png Dragonstone dragon mask 1,491,174
Onyx dragon mask.png Onyx dragon mask 1,399,187
Hydrix dragon mask.png Hydrix dragon mask 1,449,452